Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer Tutorial + Why I Love It

Have you ever thought about or had someone ask you what little chore you hate that you would pay someone to do for you if you happened to become a millionaire overnight? For me, I without a doubt would have someone do my hair for me. I’m picky in that I want it to look good, but the effort that goes into having to actually do my hair is not something I enjoy. When I see a new tool that makes it seem like it would make doing my hair easier, I can easily be convinced to give it a try. That’s exactly how I came to discover Revlon’s One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer. If you saw my night routine from earlier this month, you have already heard me rave about this tool and the best part is it that it’s under $60! 

I ordered it while I was home during Christmas from Amazon (also available on Target’s site and Ulta’s) when it was back ordered and was so excited to finally use it once it came in in January. It took a few uses to understand how it best works with my hair, but after some trial and error, I’ve realized it has made my life (at least in regard to drying my hair) so much easier. Since I’m sure you’ve seen the hype for the product on Instagram or other blogs already, I thought it might be helpful to share how I’ve discovered works best for using it in this post. 

Let’s go step by step, shall we? Also, full disclosure, getting photos while doing this was a big challenge so apologies in advance but hopefully, you’re able to still get the gist. 

Step One:
Remember how I said I hate drying my hair? Well to make my time shorter when I dry my hair, I leave my hair wrapped up in a towel for a long time before finally committing to drying it. I would highly recommend either towel drying or letting your hair air dry a decent bit before using this hair dryer. In addition to my hair not being sopping wet, I section my hair off by pulling the top layer into a bun and then separating the bottom layer to both sides after brushing it before taking the hair dryer to it. This makes it easier for me dry and style my hair at the same time. 

Step Two:
The hardest part about drying my hair with this hair dryer is getting the barrel of the brush close enough to my roots to really get them dry. The best way I’ve discovered with doing this is by starting with the dryer off at the roots with the hair I am looking to dry underneath. I brush that section up and out and repeat the motion a few times to get the hair closest to my hair dry. Just like when using a round brush with a hair dryer, the key is to get some tension on your hair when styling it so that the heat helps to hold it in place. 

Step Three: 
Once I’ve gotten the roots of the first section of my hair dry I then use the dryer like a round brush with my hair wrapped around on top of the brush so that I am rolling my hair under (instead of over as I did in the previous step). You could easily flip your hair out if you’d like, but I tend to like the look of mine flipped under better. 

After I’ve done step two and tree for one section, I move onto the next. When the bottom layer of my hair is dry, I tie it back with a no-crease hair tie so that it stays out of the way as I repeat the steps for the top portion. When working with the heavier side of my part (aka the side of my head that has more hair when parted) I like to spend a little bit of extra time focusing on adding volume by wrapping my hair and pulling it straight up as I’m moving the dryer through the section. This helps to make sure my roots are dry without leaving my hair flat. Once everything feels dry, I take out the ponytail holder securing the bottom layer and will run the dryer through the ends curling them under altogether as the finishing touch. 

Overall, this dryer has been saving me so much time when it comes to drying and styling my hair. I find that I can do both in the span of 10 minutes and feel ready to walk out the door without having to use other heat styling tools. I attempted to film a time-lapse for y'all to share on Instagram and depending on whether it cuts down correctly will hopefully have that posted on my Instagram story for you in case you're hoping to see the dryer in action! 

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