Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Step Into My Week

What a coincidence that I forgot to post this yesterday after feeling on top of my game and prepared for the week. Oops. Hopefully you don't mind that it's a day late since it took until 8 last night to realize that I had saved it as a draft instead of scheduling it. Now for what should have been posted yesterday...

I feel the need to start by saying that I am jealous of all of you that have today off for President’s Day. We are in the office today, but I can’t complain since we did get MLK day off. I’m also getting excited because I have my first vacation of 2019 coming up. It’s funny to me that this is the first time that I feel like I am taking a vacation that isn’t dictated by school holidays and instead is based on activities I have planned instead! I’ll share more on that as it gets a bit closer. 

As for this past week, the week went by pretty quickly as things started picking up at work for upcoming issues. On Monday we had a shoot in the office that I got to see more behind the scenes. Mondays often also consist of catching up on emails, social media comments, and any phone calls that may have come in over the weekend. I worked through trying to figure out a new social media scheduling platform we are using and also submitted a draft of the copy for the shoot from that morning. After work, I went to the Y to work out and ended up doing a 7-mile treadmill run which I wasn’t anticipating. It felt especially nice to come and shower after that. I ate dinner while watching the last bit of the bachelor with my roommate before heading to bed. 

On Tuesday I worked on some of the same stuff as Monday with the addition of doing some product returns and working through the resources for two of our upcoming issues. I’ve been going to work closer to 7:00 which means that I leave closer to 5:00 instead of 5:30 which despite being a small difference in time makes me feel like I have more of the day left after work. I met my friend Macy at the gym, and we did a workout together before deciding that we needed a proper catch-up session while enjoying ½ priced margs at Taco Mama after. It was so crowded, but luckily we were able to find a table and eat dinner and serve as one another’s sounding board. It’s times like that when I am especially thankful to have a person that I’ve known since high school in town with me! I came home to a sweet valentine’s day treat from my friend Allie in my mailbox which made my night. After getting clean, I eagerly crawled in bed since I was just about finished with the book I was reading. I fell asleep before finishing it (which really isn’t that surprising if you know me), but it gave me something to look forward to reading the following night. 

On Wednesday I had some things on my calendar that broke up my day a bit. We had our team meeting that morning, and I had an interview to do that afternoon with an artist we are featuring in a later issue. Aside from that, I did various other tasks, and before I knew it, it was time to head out. I went to the Y after work to run for a little bit before coming home. Thursday was similar as well since I needed to transcribe the interview and had a meeting that afternoon that covered web planning for the coming months. We also got the binder of our next resource which meant reading through that to check for errors and hanging up a copy for the rest of the office to look through. Since Thursday was Valentine’s Day, we did get to start the day with an office-wide celebration that morning. I was weirdly excited to head to the gym after work since I knew it would be pretty empty (and I was right). I ate a quick dinner at home before heading off to bible study with friends that evening. 

Friday morning I slept in instead of going to Starbucks that morning like I usually do. While I did miss the routine of that, it felt good to sleep. All week I’ve felt like I haven’t entirely woken up which is weird. Maybe it has something to do with the weather being a bit gloomy but I haven’t felt 100% alert, so hopefully, that changed this week. I spent Friday organizing some ideas and doing research for the article I had done an interview for. I also worked through some emails and social media finalizing. Come 12:00 it was officially the weekend, and I had an appointment scheduled to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress. After that, I ran some errands in preparation for the Galentine’s Day party my roommate and I hosted on Friday night. 

Once I had showered and eaten lunch, I decided to take a nap before we really got to prepping for our evening. It’s no secret that we love hosting and can get into a theme, so this party was no different. We instructed our friends to come in their PJs with their favorite sweet or salty snack, and the spread we ended up with was incredible. We played MASH and Quip Lash before deciding to watch the Clique. Anyone else read those books in middle school? If you did or want a good laugh, you need to re-watch that movie. It made me so glad that I am no longer in middle school and that I never really had to deal with girls like that to that extent. After cleaning up, I think it was close to midnight when finally turned the lights out to go to sleep.


Saturday I really don’t feel like I did much at all. I drank my coffee in bed before finally energizing myself enough to go for my long run this week. I went 12 miles which went surprisingly well, albeit slow, and then decided that constituted spending my afternoon stretched out on my bed after showering. The weather was cold and overcast which made it even more appealing. That night my roommate’s parents invited our friends over to their house for dinner. Despite living in a house, it was nice to be in a home sharing a meal around a big table with friends. We all left feeling very well fed! 

On Sunday Nell and I went to the 8:00 service at church, so I was able to grocery shop before the typical after church rush. I ate lunch and ended up sitting on the couch with my roommate watching the Ted Bundy Files Netflix documentary until we realized we both had work to get done that was not going to be accomplished from the comforts of our couch. We went to Starbucks to be productive, and while I did get some work done, I also ended up catching up on the phone with my brother for a bit. After leaving, I went home to meal prep for the week, clean up, and put fresh sheets on my bed and fold laundry. Really exciting, I know! You could definitely classify this weekend as restful and very laid back. 


This is kind of cheating to classify as reading since I’ve been listening to it on the Libby App, but it’s a book nonetheless. I love thrillers and enjoyed this even though I think it took a little bit of time to get into (which may have been because I was listening to it and not reading it). 

Watching: The Ted Bundy Files

My fascination with thrillers leads to me being interested in serial killer cases making this documentary series something I was intrigued by. I’m glad it wasn’t any longer than it was, but there was so much about this case that I was unaware of. If you like true crime, you’ll probably find it interesting. 

This is the most recent book I’m listening to on the Libby app. It’s a break from a thriller and instead could probably be best classified as chick-lit. It’s by the same author as The Devil Wears Prada and had me laughing out loud while listening to it on my run on Saturday. I’m about halfway through it and find myself turning it on when I’m doing just about anything mindless. 

Eating: A Lot of Salads

I used this crockpot shredded chicken recipe and decided to use it this week on kale salads. To make them a little bit more enjoyable, I added my favorite dressing, cooked sweet potatoes, and candied pecans. It’s easy to make in advance and keeps me relatively full. 

I have a post coming up for y’all that I’ve been working on for a bit but Amazon workout wear is my new favorite thing. I’ve been testing out different leggings, tanks, and sports bras and am excited to give you the rundown on what is worth the purchase. I know I have said it before, but this jacket has become my favorite running jacket and looks identical to/has the same quality of Lululemon and is half the price! I am usually a 2 or 4 in clothes (usually a 4 or 6 in Lululemon), and I stick to the jacket in size large since it runs extra fitted. 

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