Friday, February 15, 2019

January Favorites

I feel like everyone has been mentioning this, but January seemed to last for forever. I have to admit that I’m not usually the biggest fan of January despite the fresh start that it brings. Instead, I usually get stuck on how cold and dark it seems. It seems like all of my favorite things for this month are revolving around me attempting to embrace the lack of sunshine and stay warm as the temperatures drop. Since I decided to make this a no shopping month (and am aiming to keep it that way in February), most of these items are things I’ve been loving since December with a few Christmas presents mixed in.

If you caught yesterday’s blog post, then you heard the beginning of my rave about how amazing this product is. Seriously though, I have never found a way to love my hair after just blow drying it, and this has changed that for me. Having a brush and dryer in one makes the process of blow drying my hair so much easier allowing me to style it as I go. I did find that it took a few tries to figure out how to get the roots of my hair dry and smooth, but after trying a few different methods now that is no longer a problem. After using this one night, the next day I had so many people telling me how good and shiny my hair looked. I don’t think I had ever had more people comment on my hair in one day, so if you’re in the market for a time-saving tool that will garner lots of compliments spend the $50 and get this (plus it’s on prime which is a selling point in general in my opinion). 

This year for Christmas it seemed like a lot of family members opted to give cash instead of a physical item. While that is awesome, and I am SO appreciative of the generosity I don’t tend to do the best job of actually spending the money on something I want, and it instead just goes in my bank account and ends up getting used on rent or as of late, bridesmaid dresses. While I was fine with some of it doing just that I had been wanting a new pair of long-sleeve Lake pajamas and gifted myself that via the gift that was Christmas money. If there’s one thing that I look forward to every single night, it’s putting on a pair of comfy pajamas, and Lake’s are hard to beat with how soft they are. 

More than ever lately I’ve seen people on Instagram featuring great finds they’ve discovered on Amazon. If there’s one site that I’m most likely to impulse buy from it would definitely have to be Amazon thanks to free two-day shipping and the ability to order so many different things all from one place. I had seen someone raving about this workout jacket a while back and ended up getting it. Holy cow does Lululemon have something to worry about. I love my pieces from Lulu, but this jacket is at least half of the price with the same quality and a multitude of color choices. I have been reaching for it more than my pullover one from Lululemon and get compliments and questions about it every time I have it on. I’m hoping to try out more workout wear pieces from this brand (and a few others I’ve heard people rave about) and report back to y’all with what I find because if it’s anything like this jacket then shopping for workout wear just got a whole lot easier. 

There’s something that I love about opening a blank planner for the first time. Despite being nervous before writing down the first thing in it, I love figuring out how to organize things, and this Dapper Desk planner was no different. I shared a post all about how I chose to organize the interior, but as a whole have been relying on it a ton as of late. While I know the newness will wear off with time, I do not doubt that this will continue to keep my life in order all year long. 

I sound like a broken record with my adoration of The Makeup Eraser, but it really is as good as it sounds (if not better). Forget makeup wipes or some sort of eye makeup remover cotton round combination since all it takes to remove a full face of makeup is some water and this cloth. I gifted these to my friends for Christmas, and they’ve been raving about them as well. Do yourself (and landfills) a favor by getting one of these. I got mine from Amazon, but you can also get them for 15% off on The Makeup Eraser site with the code CUTIE15. 

I never expected to grow so fond of a coffee mug, but it has happened. I’m the type of person who likes to sip their coffee instead of chugging it all at once but over time realized that I’d waste some after it got too cold to be enjoyed. Problem solved with my Ember Mug. While I know, they are an investment (especially for a coffee mug) I’ve been using mine daily and loving it. Sometimes I’ll even pack it up along with its charging coaster to bring to work; it’s that great. This would be the perfect gift to give for someone who loves coffee but is hard to shop for. 

I have a new favorite piece of jewelry. The Goldbug Tangled Up In Blue ring that I got for Christmas has now become a part of my everyday attire. I realized that I didn’t have any rings and after seeing this one back in October or November knew it would be a great everyday piece. I used to be really picky about not mixing metals, but now I wear silver and gold together daily without thinking twice and love the blue hues this adds in as well. I am constantly getting compliments and questions (everyone assumes it is an antique with some sort of cool story) on and about this ring and am way too overly enthusiastic to share the brand with the people I am talking to. While I only wear it as a ring, the band flips up so it can also be worn as a necklace which is a genius feature. 

After deciding that one of my goals for this year was to be more informed when it came to news, the Morning Brew has helped me take that a step further by paying attention to business news in addition to just politics and world events. The first thing I do when I get to the office is read their newsletter, and I am way too into the trivia they include daily and their weekly quiz. Whatever it takes to stay informed, right? 

I’d love to know what you enjoyed in the month of January (even though February is halfway over already). 

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