Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What I Gave And Received For Christmas

Happy New Year! This was a post I was hoping to share right after Christmas, but instead I decided I wanted to fully embody vacation and take a short break from blogging as well. While deep down I wish that I had scheduled content ahead of time, I am so glad I opted to take a bit of a break. I felt like I was able to do a better job recharging and enjoy my time at home. It also works out well because I am able to share more items with you here since there were some gifts that I hadn’t exchanged just yet. I will say I had to leave Nell off of this list since we haven’t exchanged gifts and won't until she is back in Birmingham, but I hope that y’all enjoy looking at some of the items I gave and received. As a quick disclaimer, my birthday is the day after Christmas so those items are included on here as well. I was genuinely surprised to have received so many of the items that were on my wishlist (which I shared here).

To shop any of the items shown click directly on the product in the graphic. There are a couple of items that couldn't be linked that way and are shared below!

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