Monday, December 31, 2018

Step Into My Week

Who is ready for a two-week step into my week update? Buckle down with a cup of coffee to hear about what I’ve been up to the past two weeks since I last updated y’all in this style of post. Admittedly, there is not that much to report on especially since I was at home on a bit of a vacation, but I have done my best to include what I’ve been up to.

Starting at the beginning, the Monday the week before Christmas. I worked Monday through Wednesday and was so insanely busy. We were pushing through to start and finish a special issue of our magazine before we all went out of town for the holidays. Although it was stressful in the process, it was so nice to really be able to step away from work during my vacation time. After work on Monday I worked out, on Tuesday I went to a hole in the wall Thai restaurant in Hoover (It’s called Blue Pacific, and it taught me not to judge a book by its cover. It was the best pad thai I’ve ever had), and then Wednesday went to a tacky Christmas party with my roommate. Come Thursday morning it was time to pack up and head home. I am still in shock that this was the first time I had been home since moving to Birmingham, and naturally, I way overpacked. Right when I got into town, I went to say hello to my mom at work and then went to lunch with Nell at Master Joe’s. We caught up and wandered around downtown Fairhope before I went home to unload my car and hang out. That evening my parents and I went out to dinner. Friday morning I was completely content and drank coffee in my pajamas while watching the Today show. After doing that for much too long, I decided to make Christmas cookies while watching the Haunting of Hill House. That night after dinner at home my parents and I started the second season of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (which we finished right before I came back to Birmingham). Saturday morning I got up early and went with my dad to pick my brother up from the airport. On our way home we stopped by an excessively large firework store to get fireworks to shoot off at my grandparent's house (not sure why but Christmas fireworks have become a bit of a tradition for us). Once we got home, I decorated the cookies I had baked, went on a walk by the bay with friends and witnessed the prettiest sunset, and continued watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with my family. On Sunday, we packed up and went to my grandparent's house for the holidays and shot off the fireworks that evening.

This past week was a bit of a blur since I really don’t feel like I did much. We stayed at my grandparent's house until Christmas and left after opening presents and enjoying brunch. I went for a run on Christmas afternoon, and we continued to enjoy family time at home. Wednesday was my birthday which is never my favorite since I don’t typically have plans. I woke up and went for a run and then showered before going out to lunch with my brother. That afternoon I made my birthday cake, had dinner with my family, and opened presents. I have almost no recollection of what I did on Thursday and Friday although I do know that I spent some time at a coffee shop analyzing google analytics and hanging out with my friends Bowen and Turner. On Saturday I went to lunch with my family and watched the Alabama game that night. On Sunday morning I packed up and drove back to Birmingham. I don’t have to go back to work until the 2nd but am glad to be back in town with a little bit of time off before getting back into my routine. To avoid unpacking, I went to the Y and showered and then finally forced myself to put everything away. My roommate and I ate dinner on our couch and caught up before watching Netflix’s Bird Box which was really odd.

I feel like this post was a little all over the place, but hopefully, it gave you some insight into what I’ve been up to. I hope that y’all are enjoying your last Monday of 2018 and have fun New Year’s Eve plans!


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