Monday, January 28, 2019

Step Into My Week

Since my last Step Into My Week post went live on Tuesday of last week, I have a little bit less to share, but hopefully, you find this entertaining nonetheless. We are supposed to be getting some cold weather this week which I’m excited for (fingers crossed for a snow day), and I hope all of you are bracing the cold as best as you can as well. 

On Tuesday it was back to work after a long relaxing weekend. I didn’t have a ton to do at work and was able to work ahead on various smaller tasks which felt good. After work, I went to the Y and Nell ended up coming over to my house for dinner which was fun. Wednesday was a lot of the same at work although upcoming social posts kept me busy for most of the day. I worked out afterward, and my roommate finally got back in town after having been gone from the long weekend and a bit of time after. She hadn’t seen last week’s episode of the bachelor, so we watched that as I ate dinner. I also signed up for the Seaside Half Marathon which is in March. I had mentioned to my dad that it would be a fun mini vacation to go to 30A for me to run the half and shockingly he and my mom were completely on board. It’s always nice to have a vacation of sorts to look forward to, and I’m glad I’ll be able to check that off of my 2019 goals list so early! If you’re looking for what is said to be a fun half marathon in a great vacation town, there are still spots left to sign up, but according to the site they are filling up quickly. 

Thursday at work I got ahead with a bit of writing and resource pulling while also making a lot of progress with social media scheduling. After work, I went to the Y and then came home to have dinner and do laundry. Unfortunately, the drum of our washer is out of place, so it sounded like there was a group of drummers hanging out in our laundry room which was less than ideal. Luckily someone is coming by to repair that today. Once my laundry was in the dryer, I went to bed and read. 

Friday was a lot of the same at work although afterward, I went on a six-mile run. If you follow along with me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories about how my leggings ripped about a mile and a half in. I asked y’all if you had had any luck tacking damaged leggings to Lululemon to have them repaired or replaced and y’all delivered on that feedback. Since a few people wanted to know the verdict I’ve included those responses below. I’m hoping to take mine to the store this week and will be sure to report back! After my run, I ate a late lunch and went and got my hair trimmed. I came home and showered and hung out for a bit before realizing how boring my night was going to be since all my friends were either studying or out of town. In search of an activity, I wandered around Target for about an hour without buying anything before coming back home to eat dinner and watch a movie before going to sleep. 

Saturday morning I woke up and had a slow start sipping my coffee in bed. Once I was motivated to get ready for the day I decided on a whim to clean our house since my big and her friend were staying with us that night. It felt good to get everything dusted and vacuumed and looking good. They arrived around lunch time, and we all went to Real and Rosemary for lunch with another one of our friends and her baby. I went ahead and tackled my grocery shopping after that and was just about to hang out before the evening’s plans when my friend Macy invited me to join her at a new brewery downtown called The District. It was fun (especially since there were so many dogs) and will be a place I’ll have to go back to. After that, I met some friend’s at Nell’s apartment to head to dinner at a restaurant called Nori. It ended up being really good and was located close to where I work which is good to know. We went back to Nell’s apartment afterward where I was volunteered to be a practice standardized patient to help our friends in PA school prepare for a test they have this week. 

On Sunday morning I got up and started my sheets before grabbing breakfast with my big at Continental Bakery in English Village. Afterward, I came home and put food in the crockpot before preparing for my long run. I ran into my friend Macy on the run, and we decided that once we both finished our workouts, we would celebrate with a late lunch. We ended up going to Big Bad Breakfast in Homewood, and it hit the spot. We all ended up getting mimosas and the most delicious avocado toast, and I am already excited to head back there to try other items on the menu soon. When I got home, I finished up meal prepping and then showered before resting on my bed for a bit. I finished up my day by talking on the phone to my parents, eating dinner, and watching the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix. Holy cow was it fascinating. If you haven’t watched it and are looking for something to see definitely give it a try. I got in bed around 9:00 and read for a bit before finally going to sleep. 

Since I didn’t include the Lately section in last week’s post, I thought I’d bring it back this week! I’m trying to force myself to be better about taking photos this week since I feel like lately, I haven’t had many photos to share with you in these posts. 


Watching: The Fyre Festival Documentary
I don’t know how I didn’t hear anything about this as it was all going down, but I didn’t know what this was about until I was a good bit into the documentary. I had seen a bunch of people talking about both the Netflix and Hulu documentaries and am glad to have a better understanding of the insanity of it all now. The point made at the end of the Netflix documentary hit home talking about how so much of social media is the glorified moments while the reality is vastly different. The Fyre Festival is an extreme example of this obviously, but it did seem nice that there was an applicable takeaway from the documentary. 

Wearing: The Same Clothes Over and Over
I get so sick of my closet in January. I feel like all of the outfits I wear to work are exactly the same, and it feels kind of funny to share them with y’all (granted many people request them) since they don’t seem creative. Hopefully, I’ll be able to mix it up a little bit more soon. 

Wanting: Air Pods
I’ve realized that when Apple releases new products, I am definitely hesitant in the beginning. I often feel like the products aren’t necessities (which they aren’t) but over time get a better understanding of the convenience they bring. While I’m still not totally on board with Apple watches air pods are something that I’ve come to see a benefit from. I’m totally fine with having headphones connected to my phone but think it could be nice when working out to have Air Pods. I don’t know if they would work for me or not (I have a small head and therefore small ears) and since they are expensive, I don’t think I’ll be biting the bullet right now. 

Loving: Hazelnut Coffee Creamer
I am impressed by anyone who drinks black coffee but don’t want to partake. I love the sweetness that flavored creamer adds to my coffee and have been on a huge hazelnut kick. 

Reading: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Twenty-Two

I hope that y'all had a nice week and weekend! 

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