Monday, January 14, 2019

Step Into My Week

Happy Monday! While waking up this morning was hard, it felt good to tackle a full week last week, and I’m hoping that mentality will transfer over to this week as well. Although the weather has gotten colder, we have definitely seen the sun more which has me in a much better mood than when it was constantly gloomy (although I know those days will be back at some point this winter). 

Last week started incredibly productive despite things not being quite as busy at the office. I think we were hustling so much before Christmas that we left ourselves in really great shape but not as much to do once we came back from vacation. On Monday I was able to tackle some smaller tasks that weren’t crucial but felt nice to get ahead on. I wrote one of my pieces for May/June (yep, we work THAT far in advance) which also felt nice to cross off the list. After work, I met my roommate and some of our friends at Moe’s to watch the Alabama game. This was the first time we were all back together after having been at home for the holidays, so it was especially helpful to be able to catch up. Since the game wasn’t exactly working in our favor, we left at half time. I finished watching the game in my bed bummed at the result but glad I wasn’t still out at a bar with a bunch of sulking fans feeding off of one another (and without having to go to bed even later).

Tuesday was similar at work as I did tasks that weren’t crucial but nice to have done and I even created a new resource for our team to use as we plan for future issues which felt like an accomplishment. After work, I wound up at the gym only to realize that I had forgotten to pack my running shoes. I decided not to worry about going home, getting them, and coming back and instead showered and watched TV before bed instead. On Wednesday we got the binder for one of our spring issues, and I was able to finish up the resources for that which kept me busy for most of the morning. In the afternoon I interviewed a woman for another one of my May/June assignments which was fun. After work, I went to the gym and ran for a while before coming home. 

On Thursday I had my 90 day review with my editor (my 90th day was in the second week of December, but we were so swamped that this was the first time we were able to get together and do it). It went really well which was encouraging and it also gave me the opportunity to share more about the different aspects of what I do that I love with her. Afterward, we picked products for one of the features I write in each issue, and I started to get in contact with brands about featuring these items. I spent the afternoon transcribing the interview I had done on Wednesday and outlining what I want that piece to look like before going to the gym after work. Once I got home and showered, my roommate, and I watched Monday’s episode of the Bachelor. I tend to only get into the show in a social setting (aka all my friends getting together and watching it and me wanting something social to do), but I think my roommate and I may make a point of watching it together.

Friday morning started at Starbucks before getting to the office a little earlier than typical for a Friday. I was able to do a decent bit of writing before getting off at noon. After work, I went to get my car’s oil changed, went home and ate lunch, and hung out until I picked Nell up to go workout. We went to True40 in downtown Birmingham which was a great way to end the week. Afterward, we met up with our friends at La Paz in Crestline before heading home to get ready for the evening’s plans. I went over to Nell and her roommate’s apartment before heading to one of her roommate’s mutual friend’s houses before going out. It ended up being fun and hopefully we will continue to do things like that to expand our friend group more this semester. We went to Moe’s from the house and continued to talk to some of the people we had met before heading to bed. 

*This is from the one other time I've been to True40 where they had someone taking photos for Birmingham magazine there. Somehow ended up in that feature even though I'm a poser and have only been twice, oops.

Saturday morning I slept in a little bit and had a slow morning watching Netflix’s show, You. I ended up finishing it this weekend and am not positive what I thought of it. I went to Trader Joe’s to get groceries and then made one of the meals I plan to eat this week when I got home. I also made Elisabeth and Butter’s new brownie recipe which turned out pretty good. After showering and eating dinner at home, my roommate and I went over to Nell’s apartment to do face masks, eat brownies, and watch About Time with her and her roommates. I’ll save you all the fear from the terrifying photo we took in those sheet masks. You’re welcome. After the movie, I headed home and went to bed. 

Sunday morning I went to church at 8:30. Afterward, I came home, did some laundry, and started my second crockpot meal for the week. I went for a run after that which ended up being a lot longer than I was anticipating. I was planning to run five miles and ended up feeling really great and went eight instead. My knees would disagree about feeling great today, but it felt nice to have accomplished so much before 1:30. I made soup for lunch (since it was surprisingly cold out this weekend) and then took a hot shower. I attempted to take a nap in the afternoon but never felt like I fully fell asleep. Later on, I called my parents to catch up, put my laundry away, and read a lot before bed. 


As you may have seen, one of my goals for 2019 is to read more. I’m off to a really strong start and am currently reading two different books. I talked about Twenty Two in last week’s Lately section of my Step Into My Week post and have started to just read that in the morning. It’s definitely on the more inspirational side of things and is a good way to start my day. I found myself wanting more of a story when I was reading at night, so I decided to open one of the books my dad found me for Christmas called Let’s Pretend That Never Happened. While it’s a memoir and not the full-on story I was thinking I wanted for night time reading, it is absolutely hysterical. I find myself laughing audibly as I’m reading it. I don’t think it’s something everyone would like, but it definitely aligns with my sense of humor and has me getting in a bed a little bit earlier so that I have more time to read before turning the light out. 

Listening To: Spotify’s Songs to Sing in the Shower
Do y’all ever get in major music ruts? I feel like I’m in the midst of one right now. Aside from my workout playlist and podcasts, nothing seems to actually fit the bill for what I want to listen to. And for fear that those two things will become the same way I limit myself to when I let myself listen to them. Spotify’s Songs to Sing in the Shower is as close to content as I got with music last week although I still found myself skipping a bunch of songs. I did start adding some of the ones I liked to my good mood playlist, so hopefully, that will be a new go-to once more songs are added. 

Wanting: This Sweater
Grey. Knit. Bows on the sleeve. SOLD!

I feel like this section is just going to be me rotating toward raving about different Christmas presents I’m obsessed with so hopefully you don’t mind. I’m completely obsessed with the neck pillow my parents got me for Christmas and love heating it up (it smells like lavender when you do) and using it to release tension on my neck and shoulders at night. I also used it as a heating pad for my knees after my run on Sunday and was glad it could be used for multiple purposes. This may become a new go-to gift I give! 

Cooking: Chicken Noodle Soup and Healthy Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken
I am having trouble finding the exact recipes I used but will link them when I do! 

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