Thursday, January 3, 2019

Favorite Products of 2018

Since sharing my favorite blog posts of 2018 with y'all yesterday, I thought it could also be fun to share my favorite products with you as well. Some are items that I discovered before 2018, but all of these items are things that I have absolutely adored having or using this year. There are even a few items that are recent finds that were just too good not to include. 

Although you've probably heard me rave about many of these products in past favorite posts, I have included a short synopsis of why I love each item beneath the graphic. Whether you're looking to replace an item that isn't doing the trick for you, spend a little bit of Christmas money, or even get a better idea of things that I love my hope is that you'll find this entertaining. If you do feel inclined to checkout any of the products I've featured, you can click directly on the image of the item in the graphic to be taken to where it can be purchased. 

One: Lake Pajamas
I almost exclusively wear matching pajama sets when sleeping. Very rarely am I reaching for an oversized t-shirt like I did for years. Of all of my pajama sets, the ones I have by Lake Pajamas are by far the best. They are made of the softest material, fit loose without being baggy, and come in so many fun colors that are nearly guaranteed to make waking up happier.

Two: Perfect Bars
The only food item on the list and for a good reason. I think one of my irrational fears is that I’m going to get super hungry and not have access to any food which is why pretty much every bag I have is stashed with a granola bar before I leave the house. Because of that, I’ve tried a lot of different granola bars in my days. Perfect bars have been a 2018 favorite that are packed with protein yet still taste good. The only downside is that it is encouraged that they are refrigerated meaning it’s not ideal for me to put them in a bag and forget about them.

Three: 1822 Jeans
I raved about these jeans in this post but could write equally as much now based on how much I love them. For under $50 I’m not sure they can be beaten. I have them in two different washes, and they have held up incredibly well and continue to be equally as comfortable as a pair of leggings in my opinion.

Four: The Makeup Eraser
It may be cheating to include this after only having it for a month, but it is that good already. If you missed me raving about this on Instagram, it’s basically pure magic and removes your makeup by just adding water. Once it is wet, you pat it on your skin and the makeup is transferred to this soft cloth with minimal effort. I’ve washed mine probably six times by now, and it always comes out of the washer and dryer looking brand new. Think of how much you can save on makeup remover and cotton rounds with this genius product.

Five: Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow Moisturizer
Want a natural summer glow all year round? Yep, me too. Well, this moisturizer does just that. It adapts to your skin tone and changes colors to give your pigmentation a healthy sun-kissed glow that makes me feel confident leaving the house and still feeling put together with solely this product on. I’m on my second bottle after the first one lasted me half of a year.

Six: Truffle Clarity Pouches
I don’t think it’s any secret that I love organization. I definitely have some type-A in me, and this favorite only further proves that. I’ve admired Truffle pouches for years and finally decided to try them for myself when they went on sale in the spring. These have been the best way for me to organize makeup products, chargers, etc. when traveling and I hope to continue to expand my collection next time they go on sale.

Seven: J.Crew Rain Jacket
During one of my closet cleanouts this year I finally came to terms with the fact that a rain jacket I had had since seventh grade no longer repelled water. A mature step it felt like until it was pouring one warm spring day and I had to decide if I should put on my KD rain jacket from college or my Barbour that would be too warm given the temperature. Fortunately, right after that I found this adorable rain jacket and haven’t had to deal with that issue since (other than once when I accidentally left this jacket in my car at home). While pink isn’t practical with every outfit, it definitely makes getting dressed for rainy days a little bit less gloomy. J.Crew has a few different colors of this style so before spring showers come go ahead and grab your favorite!

Eight: La Croix
This has been a favorite since senior year of college, but I feel like I’ve gone through so many this year. My favorite flavors are Lime, Berry, and Tangerine. I don’t really know what else to say about La Croix other than that it is very refreshing although I know most people either love it or hate it.

Nine: Essie Fiji
I pretty much always have my nails painted and tend to use mainly Essie nail polish. Over the years I’ve amassed quite the collection of nail polish, but there is one that I reach for more than any others. Enter, Essie’s Fiji. It’s the perfect light pink that I wear all year long and in turn, have had to repurchase time and time again.

Ten: Native Deodorant
This year I switched to using a natural deodorant and tend to gravitate toward Native’s scents over any other brand. I recently discovered that you can now pick this up at Target (instead of only being able to get it off their website) which is a huge game changer. If you’re looking for a simple way to start switching over to more natural products, grabbing one of Native Deodorants many scents would be the perfect start.

Eleven: J.Crew Ruffle Bathing Suit Top
I have wanted this style bathing suit since high school. I saw someone with it and went on a mad hunt to find it. Naturally, it was no longer available anywhere online, so I gave up hope until I stumbled upon it on J.Crew’s site this spring. I immediately bought it in two colors and wore it constantly in the summer. It is great quality, such a cute style, and comes in a slew of colors. My fingers are crossed that it never disappears from the internet again!

Twelve: Mark & Graham Luggage
If you’re going to ask for luggage for a holiday, it may as well be cute, right? That’s how I initially decided on my Mark & Graham luggage, but once I received it, I realized it was even better than just being cute. The size of the checked bag is spacious, has useful pockets, and has a cute striped lining that makes packing and unpacking slightly more fun.

Thirteen: The Year of Yes
This was the first book I read in 2018 and has stuck with me ever since. It was the perfect mix of a narrative and inspirational read and was exactly what I needed to read to kick-start my year. While I definitely didn’t say yes to everything in the same way Shonda Rhimes seemed to, I think I said yes to more. If you’re looking for a great book to start out the year feeling inspired and motivated hopefully you’ll give this a try.

Fourteen: Booties
When I purchased these boots in 2017, I don’t think I ever imagined I’d wear them as often as I do. The color of them makes them really versatile, and they have held up so well over time. I love that they are a bit more eye-catching with the open ankle while still being a classic piece that is incredibly wearable. Fortunately, the brand brought them back this year as well at a fair price!

Fifteen: Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
My skin is definitely on the dryer side, and this “mask” is the thick lotion that helps to re-hydrate it at night. I definitely wouldn’t call this a mask since I don’t wash it off, but if your skin is anything like mine and you’re in need of a thick lotion, this has been my favorite of 2018 (and it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is adorable too).

Sixteen: The Five Minute Journal
I’ve tried a few times to keep up with a one line a day style journal but always fell off of keeping up with it after a few weeks. Somehow that wasn’t the case with The Five Minute Journal. Granted you are supposed to finish one of these journals in six months and to complete mine took a bit longer since I don’t fill it out on weekends, but still, I’m counting it. The reason I love this one in particular so much is because not only do you include bits about your day but also include to-dos and things you’re grateful for. In a year with lots of challenges, recentering each morning to think about what I am grateful for was important. After re-reading everything I had written in my first one (and tucking it safely into a drawer) I have begun my second one and am already looking forward to sitting down and reflecting on it once it has been completed as well.

Seventeen: Crockpot
How on Earth did I not have a crockpot before this year? If I am cooking after a long day of work I can guarantee you that I’m going to be lazy and want it to be as simple as possible. Usually, this results in throwing chicken and veggies on a pan and calling it a day. A crockpot is basically the same thing with slightly more thought. I’ve been relying on soups and other meals that can easily be made in a crockpot which has made meal prep so much easier! If you have favorite Crockpot recipes send them my way, I can’t get enough.

Eighteen: Mini Projector
More than just being a projector, I would like to thank this product for helping me make friends. You may think I’m kidding but thanks to this projector and our large back deck and ability to watch football games out there I have friends. Having this projector set up to watch college football was the perfect way to invite friends over and expand our group since we were always encouraging those friends to invite other people they know. I am already looking forward to getting to do the same thing next fall with what will hopefully be an ever-growing group of friends. But if you’re considering this projector for its projecting abilities, it is pretty great for that too and even has a speaker built in which is amazing!

Nineteen: Tempurpedic Mattress Topper
I never anticipated myself being a Tempurpedic person, but my mattress topper here in Birmingham has changed that. I was so ready to come back from Christmas vacation to sleep in my bed again because of how comfortable it is. Getting in bed is definitely one of the highlights of my day thanks to my mattress topper.

Twenty: Barrington Gifts Kent Key Ring
It should come as no surprise that an item from Barrington Gifts made this list. I believe a few years ago I included my last ID key ring from the brand and I love their updated version equally as much. Forget having to worry about keeping up with keys separate from your wallet since this keeps everything together making it especially easy to head out the door in the morning!

Twenty-One: The Last Mrs. Parrish
You know I couldn’t have a favorite products of the year post without at least one psychological thriller, my favorite book genre. The Last Mrs. Parrish was hands down the best one I read this year. I think I finished it in two days when I read it. It was different from other thrillers I read in that it didn’t seem as predictable. My fingers are crossed that maybe it will be made into a movie.

Twenty-Two: Madewell Sunglasses
I’m the type of person that buys something they love in every color. After discovering this pair of sunglasses over the summer of 2017 from Madewell, I asked for the specific pair above for Christmas. For whatever reason shopping for sunglasses is really challenging for me since many styles overwhelm my face due to their size. These don’t do that which is why they fit as a favorite this year and have been the only style shade I’ve been wearing. If you’re looking for a flattering shape of sunglasses that won’t break the bank go and try these on!

Twenty-Three: J.Crew Factory Slippers
I received these as a gift last year for Christmas and have probably worn them nearly every day since (yep, they go on most trips with me). I’m not the type of person who feels the need to buy fancy slippers since these do the trick, and I’ll probably pick up a fresh pair of these soon since they are really affordable. If you have never been a slipper person, these will magically change your mind.

Twenty-Four: Alterna Caviar 10-in-1 Hair CC Cream
I love this entire line of products but taking the cake is this 10-in-1 CC cream for your hair. It makes my hair so soft and smells amazing. I only put a little bit on the ends of my hair before I blow it dry and have had the same bottle for most of the year. I also like to think that it helps combat some of the heat I put on my hair, but that may be wishful thinking.

Twenty-Five: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Having started this show in January with the first season and finishing the second season right before coming the new year, this was a no-brainer. As someone who is pretty sarcastic, I love the quick wit of the show although the costumes could easily steal the show. If you have Amazon Prime and haven’t watched this add it to your list.

I'd love to hear of any items that you think would make your own 2018 favorite's list. 

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