Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Goals For 2019

We are only 8 days into 2019, and I feel like some may think this is too late to be sharing the goals they have for the New Year. I wanted to make sure that I thought these through well before sharing them here. In reality, they are more of intentions I have for 2019 than goals since they aren’t overly task-based, but hopefully, you’ll feel inspired by them or inspired to hold me accountable after reading each one. 

In no particular order, this is what I have in mind for myself in 2019: 

Stay Better Informed
If there’s one thing I could definitely be better about it would be staying informed about what is happening in the world around me. I don’t love watching the news (especially since it is on all the time and is often filled with opinions more than facts to fill the copious amount of time it is broadcasted) and definitely complained about listening to NPR on the way to school when I was younger, and my mom still drove me to school. As I have gotten older, I’ve realized that I need to change my attitude toward the news in order to stay informed, well educated, and able to make decisions that reflect that informed education. 

In college, I was good about reading the Skimm but never took much time to do that while teaching. Now, the Skimm is the first thing I read when I get to work since it is sitting in my inbox waiting for me. I figured pretty much everyone knew what this was until talking to coworkers who had never heard of it (one of many reasons not to make assumptions). For those of you who may not know, the Skimm is an email news service that breaks down the most important news in an easy to read way that is perfect for starting my day. I also recently signed up for the Morning Brew which is similar but more business and finance based (and usually a little over my head). Hopefully keeping up with these things in the coming year will help me to stay up to date with world events while increasing my depth of knowledge.

Be Ok With No
Saying “no” is something that I have always struggled with when it comes to helping others. It’s not uncommon for me to say yes to something and in turn, put something I need to do on the backburner. This can be really exhausting and isn’t necessarily the best way of going about my life. While I am aware that saying “no” isn’t always the best option, saying it when appropriate tends to lead to more worthwhile yes-es.

On the flip side, I would love to slowly get better at accepting “no” as an answer from others. There is no denying that I can be a bit stubborn when something I want/ a goal is on the line. It is in these moments that I need to remember that there is a reason I’m getting this no and sometimes it can be as good as a yes when it comes to leading me in the right direction. 

Run a Half Marathon
Since getting settled in Birmingham, I have rekindled my love of running. Although often my runs are on a treadmill after work, it has been so fun to discover new routes in an attempt to better see where I live. I would love to train and complete a half marathon in Birmingham at some point this year and am even ok with it not being an organized thing, and instead me running 13.1 miles. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a date that works with my schedule to actually sign up for a race but if not knowing that my body is capable of running that far while taking in the new surroundings I’m calling home would be pretty cool.

This word fits a lot since I’d love to not only be more engaged but also be more engaging. In terms of the latter, I know that I am not the best at elaborating and sharing tons of detail. Friends and family tend to have to ask a bunch of questions to get full details on what I’ve been up to, and I don’t mean to make them do that. I would like to focus on being more engaging in that manner so that it’s not as much effort for the people I surround myself with and maybe helps me to be a bit more interesting.

On the flip side, I would love to be better engaged when with my friends and family in real life as well as on social media. These things would need to happen separately from one another since often social media and technology interrupts time spent engaged with the people around you. Regarding social media, I want to do a better job of updating my Instagram and Instagram stories in real time without always feeling like everything needs to be highly curated. While I’ll still be posting plenty of styled shots mixing those photos up with quick pictures I’ve taken will hopefully make Instagram feel like less of a chore.

Get A Library Card & Read More
Reading tends to make my list most years, and I was pretty good with the follow through of this goal last year up until mid-August. When I got out of my routine with moving, being at home on vacation, and then starting my job in Birmingham, I didn’t do the best job of prioritizing it.

Last Friday I went and got a library card which means that I am already one step in the right direction. I’ve been making a point to get in bed a bit earlier and have been reading about 20 pages before falling asleep at night and another 10 as a part of my morning routine which has been a great reminder of how much I enjoy reading. I would love any book recommendations y’all may have as I become a library regular instead of buying books on Amazon, only reading them once, and then having to store them. That point segues perfectly to my next goal.

Be More Financially Savvy
2018 was a year of saving up (which I talked about here). I was honestly shocked by how much I could save even with a relatively small income. Thinking about it though, if there is ever a time to get into that habit it is now when any income feels like a lot since the rest of my life was spent in school which I considered to be my job despite it not yielding a paycheck. Looking ahead I already know 2019 is going to be an expensive year. I’m in 3 weddings (2 of which are on the other side of the country) and coupled with gifts, bridesmaids’ dresses, and bachelorettes are pricy. I am not suspecting this to be as much of a year of saving but am hoping to be more conscious of what I’m spending my money on. I’ve already made notes to cancel unused subscriptions, log expenses even when they seem minor, and attempt to stick to a budget (sharing more about that later this month). 

Are you bored yet? Hopefully not. I’d love to hear the goals you’ve set for yourself this year and any tips you may have for me as I hope to accomplish them!

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