Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Summer Swimsuit Finds

With Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer here, I know that vacation is on a lot of people’s minds. With that on the radar, I thought it was about time to share some of my favorite swimwear finds so far this season. Before heading on vacation this past weekend I scoured the web to find some cute bathing suit options. Going to the beach with friends has me wanting to plan other fun weekend getaways so my fingers are crossed that I can get to that soon!

I will admit that I mainly focused on tops when it came to putting together this post since I am very picky about swim bottoms. If I can’t try them on and rest assured that they aren’t cut weird and will in fact offer some coverage then they are a no go to me. A lot of times I end up finding cute tops and pairing them with classic Target bottoms in a solid color that compliments them to avoid any sort of hassle. While I prefer a matching top and bottom this has become what works best for me. Occasionally (aka more often than I should admit), I use this as an excuse to purchase more than one cute top if I know that they are going to match bottoms I already have.

I’d love to know where your favorite place to shop for bathing suits is. I’m always on the hunt for great new online retailers that may not be the ones that I always rely on.

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