Wednesday, May 16, 2018

April Favorites

We have officially made it halfway through May and here I am just now sharing my favorites for April, oops. I've had this post on my to do list for a bit but am only just now getting around to it. With the school year wrapping up in the next month things have been especially busy. 

Since I have been consistent with my previous months' favorite posts, the perfectionist in me was determined not to skip a month. I also discovered a number of things that I really loved in April that I wanted to share with you prior to my May favorites. I've been trying some new products as well this month that may make the cut come time for my May favorites. 

I love my Beautycounter face wash but was sucked into trying this after seeing someone rave about it on their story on Instagram. With a $7 price tag at Target I figured that if I didn't like it as a face wash I could always use it as an exfoliant on my body. Turns out I love it as both! I exfoliate my face pretty frequently and love the way this wash works. It is gentle enough while still getting the job done. It's also a really large container for the overall price. If you're in the market for a new face wash but don't want to have to spend too much definitely give this a try. 

I read an article recently about how bad deodorant can be for you. It took me about 10 minutes after reading that article to place an order for Native Deodorant. I decided on the coconut and vanilla scent which is noticeable but not overwhelming. I have really liked it and think that it does a good job. When I purchased mine I was also able to get a little travel size one which is perfect to throw in a beach bag for the summer or in your toiletry case if you're planning a trip soon.

This is a makeup product that I have loved for a while but somehow forget about over time. I don't know why I do that to myself since it really is great. It has SPF, decent coverage, and looks natural which fits the bill of a great "foundation" in my books. I apply it with a beauty blender sponge to keep it especially natural. If you're looking for a new summer foundation this is definitely a good pick since it gives protection while still making you look glowy.

Since getting a new phone (the iPhone 8 plus, which I love) and purchasing a random case at Target for the sake of protection I had been on the hunt for a phone case. I am the type of person who buys a phone case and keeps the same thing on that phone until it is completely worn down or I get a new phone. When I spotted this Kate Spade blue and white gingham case I was sold. I've always loved gingham (with a name like Dorothy I think I kind of have to), especially in but and white, so it didn't take me long to officially choose it as my case. For those of you who also want your case to be protective, this one does have some case on the front that would serve as a slight buffer if you were to drop the phone face down although I still have a screen protector on mine just in case! 

I shared all about my green thumb gardening endeavor in this post and can not tell you how much more inviting they made our porch. I love the window box containers I ended up with as they are roomy and crisp. I am honestly a little bit surprised that my plants are still alive but I have been diligently watering them so hopefully that remains to be the case. 

Hands down the best book I've read this year so far. We all know at this point that I am a sucker for a thriller and this one is intense. It tells the story from three different perspectives which is unique and it was actually written by two sisters together which is interesting as well. If you're looking for a good, quick (because you won't be able to put it down) beach read go ahead and do yourself a favor and get this! 

The amount of guacamole that I have consumed in the past month and a bit is border line embarrassing. When I get home from school I'll make it as a snack and I've even had so much of it as a time that I've counted it as dinner too. I will be sharing my recipe for it in a blog post soon but for now you can be preparing yourself for how delicious it is based on the fact that my roommate told me it " is the best guacamole I have ever consumed."

I'd love to know what you have been loving over the past month! 


  1. Haha, I love how you added guacamole to your April Favourites! It's definitely an ALL TIME favourite for me... guac on everything! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


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  2. I love your gingham phone case, so cute! One of my all time favorites for April was my skinfood strawberry face's seriously amazing at exfoliating and brightening my skin! It's super gentle and perfect for any skin type, even my BF loves it lol :)

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

  3. That book sounds like the perfect beach read, thank you so much for the recommendation! I love the new gingham Kate Spade stuff too - I’m so tempted to by the laptop case even though I don’t need it at all. xAllie

  4. I always love reading your posts! Thanks for the recommendations !!

  5. Guacamole is seriously the best! I love making guacamole to eat outside during the summertime.


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