Tuesday, May 15, 2018

5 Things That Are Guaranteed To Make Me Smile

I know I am not alone when I think about how my mood can be affected by the weather. Lately, we've had some really nice weather but starting today it is supposed to be rainy until Sunday. Knowing that, I am mentally preparing myself and trying to think of little things I can do throughout the week to ensure that the rain doesn't have too much of an impact on my mood. With that, I decided to come up with five things that are guaranteed to make me smile. I've shared my five below but would love to hear what you come up with in the comments! 


1. Matching Pajama Sets
I love pajamas and love them even more when they are a matching set. It does not even really matter where they are from or how they look per se but knowing that I get to wake up in a matching pajama set automatically makes me feel more put together regardless of whether that's the truth. 

2. Mail (as long as it isn't a bill)
I am a sucker for a handwritten note. If you have ever sent me a letter or written something and given it to me I more than likely still have it. At initiation into Kappa Delta (the sorority I was in) we were given a box of letters from friends and family before officially being initiated. The letters in that box are some of my favorite things and since then many letters have been added to that same box that my big made for me to hold them. If I am ever wanting a pick me up or a trip down memory lane that is my go-to. I also think that if our fire alarm was going off (and not just because we are cooking) that box would be something I would grab. 

3. A Good Playlist
Music can instantly set my mood. In the mornings, I tend to listen to something calm on my way to school since in my opinion, 6:30 is too early for anything too high energy. On the way home from school however, you never know what you're going to get if you're in the car with me. Lately, I have been loving a playlist that my friend Emily from Spire and Co created called The Hairbrush Microphone days. If you're around my age then it could best be summed up as songs you grew up listening to. I'm talking middle school dance music, S Club 7, and all the Brittany Spears and Hillary Duff you could want. The best part of this playlist is that it has you covered for nearly 8 hours allowing me to hear something new every time I play it. 

4. A Cup of Coffee
I'll be the first to admit that I am probably not smiling as I am walking to get my first cup of coffee in the morning. But, once I have started drinking that first cup I am much happier. On weekday mornings I get up, get ready, make my lunch to take to school, and then make my coffee and breakfast. From there I pick up my cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal and head back to my bed. While I know it isn't the best thing to eat in bed, this morning routine I have created for myself to allow me to enjoy my coffee definitely makes me smile. Getting back out of bed on the other hand is another story...

5. Phone Calls With Friends
I am pretty lucky that many of my friends stayed in Greenville after we graduated meaning I have a good support system here. Some of my closest friends are further away though making catch up phone calls very necessary. When I am able to catch them at a good time or vice versa my mood can immediately become better.

What would you add to the list?


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