Monday, May 21, 2018

Step Into My Week

After today, I only have one more Monday of the school year. How wild is that? I already know that this week is going to be crazy busy so I’m sure I’ll have lots to fill you in on next Step Into My Week post (which will more than likely be on Tuesday instead of Monday next week due to Memorial Day).

At school it has been survival mode since the kids are starting to get overly excited for summer, we have a big field trip coming up that has taken a decent bit of prep work, and we have had typical end of the year deadlines and testing all at once. With all of those things going on, I would have expected this past week to fly by when in reality it felt so long. It took scrolling through my camera roll to even think about all that has been going on.

On Monday, I had a lot to do at school and also had a decent amount of regular work to get done. I didn’t go grocery shopping last weekend since I was out of town so I ended up doing that and then meal prepping on Monday afternoon. Doing all of that after work reminded me of how nice it is to have that and laundry done prior to the start of the week. That night, a group of my friends and I went to a free yoga class that was part of the BMW Charity Pro-Am. Sophia’s fiancé, Judson, works for the tournament so it was a great way to show our support for what he was doing while catching up with one another and enjoying free Happy and Hale. I am not good at yoga and I’m sure that was evident to others at the class but it was fun to do something as a group outside since I’m looking forward to those sort of things this summer. Tuesday was pretty normal and Wednesday was busy as per usual. Thursday after school I got a bunch of blog work done and then had kickball that night. Friday started a little bit hectic but I was so glad it was finally here since the week felt so long.

top (old) // white jeans // similar shoes

Friday night I got dinner with a friend before calling it a night. Saturday was definitely the most fun day of my weekend. I wish I could say I woke up early to watch the royal wedding but without cable and in need of some sleep I didn’t watch it live. As I mentioned earlier, Sophia’s fiancé works for the BMW Charity Pro-Am which meant that Sophia and I were able to go with great tickets to watch. We were in the tent at the 18th hole which gave us a great viewing spot for the day. There were a number of celebrities playing in the tournament which added to the fun. After a number of hours at the course, we headed back to prepare for our evening plans. Since Sophia, Ellison, and I weren’t together for Cinco de Mayo we decided to have a do over de Mayo. We started with guacamole and margaritas at our apartment before venturing to a late dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We met up with a friend for a bit downtown and then all agreed that it was bedtime. Sunday was spent getting a lot of blog work done since I have some exciting upcoming posts and I won’t be in town to work on them next weekend. The afternoon ended up being especially rainy which was not conducive to knocking out pictures but did give me an excuse to be cozy while working on things.



I haven’t had too much time to read this week but I am definitely missing getting to read this book. I am hoping that some time at the beach next weekend will allow me to get through this book and a few other ones I have been wanting to read.

Watching: Riverdale
I can’t remember who brought up Riverdale as a good show to me recently but I decided to turn it on while doing work one night and didn’t get much work done. Y’all know I like mystery/thriller books and this show encompasses that well. It can be creepy at times but is overall a good Netflix watch, and I am excited to see what happens.

Best. Find. Ever. While this is a bit pricey, the quality of this brush is amazing and it does wonders when you want your hair to look done but need it done quickly. It heats up fast and leaves my hair so soft. If you’re like me and end up needing to touch up pieces because your hair sometimes can’t make up its mind, this is definitely worth a try!

I have been wanting one of these tops for years and had my eye on this particular color of embroidery for a while. It was out of stock in a small each time I would check so I still hadn’t bit the bullet. After seeing it in stock in a small I finally made the purchase and have wanted to wear it everyday since. I know this is a piece I will have for years due to the amazing quality and versatility of it.

Wanting: An Extra Day of the Weekend
I think this applies to most people so I don’t feel like it needs an explanation.

Proud Of Myself For: Not Opening My Computer On Saturday

Anxious About: Getting Everything Done Before Leaving Town This Weekend

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