Monday, May 14, 2018

Step Into My Week

Anyone else feel rejuvenated going into this week? I originally was going to say rested and while I did get more sleep than usual this weekend, I never quite feel rested going into the work week so rejuvenated seemed more fitting. I'm not sure if it is because last week went by quickly or because I truly stepped away from working a bit this weekend but I feel at least a little bit rejuvenated and optimistic as this week kicks off. 

This past week I felt very on the go but in a relatively relaxing way since instead of having class I had other fun social outings after school. This week also began state testing which almost seemed like a tiny "break" from teaching despite monitoring the students during the entirety of it. We had jeans day on Wednesday and Thursday to stay comfy during testing which explains why I am only sharing three work outfits this week. I figure that none of y'all are dying to purchase the testing t-shirt our school gave us to wear so in reality I'm saving you a little bit of time by not even sharing it. 

Tuesday after school I went to get some work done at Starbucks before our last “class” of the semester for one of my graduate courses. I definitely wouldn’t count this as class since it ended up being our cohort and our mentors from Furman eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, Sophia and I took advantage of the teacher appreciation week special that Chipotle had featuring buy one get one bowls. Wednesday testing began and by the time I got home I was exhausted. My students said they felt good about it so I am hoping for the best as those results eventually are prepared to come back to us. Thursday was another day of testing but it was fortunately a little bit shorter than Wednesday. After school I was able to get a lot of behind the scenes blog work done before going to a Minor League Baseball game with some friends. We stayed out later than I normally would on a school night but had a blast. I know we will be enjoying many more evenings at baseball games as the summer approaches and our kickball season winds down. Friday was relatively normal with some cleaning and work done before going to sleep.

Since I tend to treat Friday as a work night, my weekend felt like it started on Saturday. I got up on Saturday and got ready before heading out of town to Charlotte. My roommate Ellison invited me to spend Saturday and Sunday with her and her family at her grandparents’ house in the mountains. Since she lives in Charlotte and left on Friday I drove to meet her there before we rode together to her grandparents’ house about an hour and a half away. Her grandparents have a sweet dog who we played with for most of our time while we enjoyed how peaceful it was to be in the mountains. We spent a lot of time outside looking at all the wildlife, sitting on their porch in rocking chairs, and slowing down a bit. Sunday we got up and went on a walk before getting ready and packing up to head to brunch at a winery. The brunch was delicious and the property the restaurant was on was beautiful. We drove back to Charlotte together and then I retrieved my car and came back to Greenville. I was able to call my mom and wish her a happy Mother’s Day and hear about what she and my dad had been up to this week while I drove back. I spent the afternoon unpacking, showering, and cleaning my apartment before Sophia came over.


When Sophia arrived, she had a very exciting box for me to open. She is getting married in July of 2019 and asked me to be her Maid of Honor in the sweetest way possible with the most thoughtful gifts. I am so excited to get to stand by her side on her wedding day and enjoy celebrating until then. We decided to go eat downtown for dinner since the weather has been so nice and ended up at a French restaurant, Paserelle, overlooking the Reedy River. After we finished our delicious meal I came back to my apartment to get ready for bed and the week ahead. It’s rare that I spend a consecutive 24 hours not worrying about work but it felt good to be able to do that this weekend! As summer approaches and I have more time to get ahead on blog posts, I have a feeling that may happen a bit more often!



Still at it with this book and I am loving it just as much now as I was when I raved about it last week.

Watching: A Drink With James
The more I teach the more I realize how much I love being a student and learning (#nerd). I am so fascinated with blogging and social media and feel as though there is always something new for me to learn. My favorite way to fuel that desire lately has been Fohr’s Drink with James series. More than likely unless you’re a blogger or social media influencer you probably haven’t heard of Fohr. In case you haven’t, Fohr is an influencer marketing platform. I’ve been a part of the platform for about a year now and although I haven’t done a ton of campaigns with them, I love the resources they provide bloggers with. One of those happens to be their weekly series, Drink with James, in which James Nord, the founder and CEO, sits down to answer questions about social media, blogging, and the platform. If you’re not interested in blogging and social media and instead prefer to just read/see what is posted these probably won’t be for you but I look forward to them each week.

I really love how out of the box my first thought for each of these “lately” categories can be. While I am sure I could think of something more glamorous than a pajama shirt to entice you with, I tend to put down my first thought as it is what is most honest. I was wandering around Target killing time before dinner on Tuesday and found this soft shirt and was immediately sold (having a number of gift cards from teacher appreciation week made that decision a bit more impulsive than normal). I don’t feel like the online photo does it much justice and I only wish you could feel how soft it is. I got mine in an XXL since oversized t-shirts are my favorite to sleep in.

Wanting: Summer
It may be a little early to say this but after today I only have three more Mondays of this school year. This year has been a prime example of the days feeling long and the year feeling short. It really hit me how fast time is flying when Furman’s graduation came along this year and I vividly remember so many parts of my own graduation a year ago.

Proud Of Myself For: Responding to Emails
While juggling teaching, blogging, and grad school I’ve come to realize that some things just have to take the backburner. Unfortunately for a while that has been my blogging email. I star emails that I need to get back to but often I am so tired at the end of the day and spend the energy I have left working on blog posts that sometimes emails take longer to respond to than they should. Somehow this week I’ve managed to stay really on top of them. So much so that a brand that had reached out to me took the time to commend my promptness. As someone who usually shouldn’t get that kind of praise (and them emailing me on a day when I had energy to respond) I am hoping that this situation acts as encouragement for me to stay on top of them!

Posts From Last Week:

I hope that y'all have a great Monday and start to your week! 

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