Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Post Grad Apartment Living Room Tour

It is crazy to think that I have now lived in my apartment for about a year. Technically our year lease ended in April, but I didn’t fully live here until right around June of last year. We will be in this apartment until August and it has taken until now for parts of our space to actually feel complete. I’ll be the first to admit there are still some other things I’d love to do in this apartment but since I’m only here until August it just doesn’t make sense.

I have convinced myself that even though our living room doesn’t look perfect (and to some it may not even look complete) it is about time I share it with y’all. We’ve got plenty of empty wall space, room to move around due to a lack of a coffee table, and a rug that continues to shed and fill the vacuum faster than it should but it feels like home to us.



When it came to decorating the space, we went with especially girly colors and enough seating for our friends to be able to come and hang out in our space comfortably. In that regard, I think we succeeded.

I already had a couch from my living room in college (see that here) which was especially great as it served as our only furniture for longer than we should admit. In January, my mom and I went to ikea and she got the matching chair for me to section off our living room a bit more. With two other roommates, we were able to all pull together what we had in an attempt to complete the space. Ellsion had the gold side tables and Caroline had the two pink chairs and the TV stand. Once the bulk of the space finished then came the fun part, decorating.


 The room started to look more cohesive once we found our rug. I found the rug on overstock for a great price and have been really pleased by the quality and vibrancy of the colors. With the rug in place it became clear that we were going to look with pinks, purples, and oranges as we added accessories. We also tried to stick with gold accents since our side tables were painted gold. The round mirror above our TV and the two lamps on our side tables were awesome Target finds. Lately, they have had the best decor that it has taken a bit of self restraint when it comes to not purchasing all of the cute pieces they have that just happen to match our decor. 

 I know it has been a long time coming before finally sharing this post, but I certainly hope it was worth the wait! Although it's not "finished" it certainly feels like home! 

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