Friday, May 4, 2018

Cinco de Mayo Style

Weekends are always exciting, but they are especially exciting when your favorite minor holiday falls during it. I am more excited than I should be about Cinco de Mayo. This is especially true since a lot of my friends won't even be in town to celebrate. We will just have to make it a month long event not that we need an excuse to eat Mexican food since it typically our go to. 

I can't think of Cinco de Mayo without thinking back to the end of my Junior year of college when I kept putting off coming home after finals. I finished very early in May and was SO bummed to be missing Cinco de Mayo in Greenville. Sophia and I decided to celebrate early and when trying to quickly think of a name for it titled it "Cinco de Dos." It didn't take us long to realize our mistake but found it so funny that it has kind of stuck. We've gotten to the point that we refer to it frequently and our friends tend to look at us slightly embarrassed. 

I know we talked about how much I love a good theme yesterday but combine a theme with bright colors and some of my favorite food and I am SOLD. When I discovered Brooke Wright Designs and this off the shoulder  multi otomi print top I immediately thought of how perfect this would be for Cinco de Mayo. I couldn't let the festivity stop there and will proudly be sporting my  Lisi Lerch tassel earrings and  white jeans with the most fun hem. I felt like there was a lot of white so I decided to try the look with a recent amazon find,  this designer dupe of a Hermes belt. I like the contrast a fun belt can create but would not be able to justify spending that kind of money on it. I was shocked by how nice the quality of this look alike was. It does take about two weeks to arrive but that's a trade off that I find worthwhile when you compare the price tag. All in all, if you're looking for me in Greenville on Cinco de Mayo this is what I'll be in. 

top // sunglasses (also available with blue lenses) // earrings // belt (great designer dupe) // white jeans // platform sandals // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold bracelet (similar affordable, similar more expensive)

How are y'all celebrating tomorrow?

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