Monday, May 7, 2018

Step Into My Week

Step Into My Week posts are back! After not having one last week I really felt like I wasn’t staying up to date with my friends. For the most part, the week before this last one was pretty normal although it was pretty rainy. I went to the Queen’s Cup that weekend and the weather was perfect and now you’re virtually up to date with everything from the week I missed. This week was pretty normal as well although I didn’t fully feel like I was in the groove of everything. Trying to juggle a lot usually leaves me feeling a little bit less balanced. I’m hoping this week seems pretty normal when it comes to staying on track with what I need to be doing.

Since I didn’t share my outfits from the week before I have decided to include most of them from the past two weeks below for you. Some of the pieces are things that I have had for years so I have linked a similar piece otherwise, when you click the link beneath you should see most of the same pieces.

Now for this past week…Monday started off relatively busy with a meeting after school and the time crunch of my big graduate class research paper being due the following morning. Fortunately, I didn’t have much left and was able to knock it out after the meeting at Starbucks with Sophia. I went for a walk after that and caught up with Nell before making myself dinner and attempting an early bedtime. Lately, I have not been the best about going to sleep relatively early so that’s something I’ll need to work on this week. Tuesday was my roommate, Ellison’s, birthday so we celebrated that night by going to one of our favorite rooftop bars, Sip, and eating Mexican for dinner. Wednesday, I ended up having a really long meeting at school and didn’t end up making it to a graduation party for a friend. Furman graduated this weekend which was a pretty weird feeling since in some ways it doesn’t feel like it has been a year since I graduated. Thursday night some friends met at a brewery before kickball that night. We ended up winning our first game and I even got someone else by catching the ball (usually in the outfield I have my fingers crossed that the ball won’t come to me). Friday was pretty normal aside from having to make sure that my classroom was completely test ready (meaning there could be nothing with writing visible) before I left for the day.

Friday night I watched some of my students who were running a 5k through the Girl’s on the Run program at our school. They were so surprised to see me cheering them on at the finish line which was really fun. The weather couldn’t have been better for that event. Saturday morning my big was in town so we grabbed coffee and brunch in the morning after walking her adorable puppy around downtown. Baker is her 13 week old Australian Labradoodle and he was the softest puppy ever. It was so fun to be able to catch up with her before getting some work done that afternoon before getting ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Some friends and I met up at a Mexican restaurant downtown only to discover that it would be way too long before we ever got food if we decided to wait it out. We opted for another restaurant which meant that margaritas and Mexican food were not the highlights of our evening. I’m convincing my friends to have a Do-over de Mayo this weekend in order to properly celebrate the occasion. We were able to enjoy ourselves for a bit Saturday night before all being in bed before eleven.

Sunday ended up being busier than normal. I started my morning at Starbucks getting lots of work done before meeting a friend that had just graduated for lunch. We went to Southern Culture which is a great place for brunch a little bit closer to Furman. Once I was back from that, my friend Porter and I decided to go on a walk. We went about five miles stopping for gelato downtown which was the best way to enjoy the sunny weather we were having. After that, I called my family and a couple of friends that I wanted to catch up with before meeting a few more friends who just graduated from Furman for dinner. Fortunately, a number of recent grads are sticking around meaning that our group in Greenville will get to continue to grow. I ended my night by cleaning up our apartment before hoping in bed to read the book I’ve been hooked on.


I had been talking with a friend at kickball about some books and had this book recommended to me. It is technically a textbook that many marketing and advertising programs recommend so picking it up for leisure reading may result in you being a bit confused. Personally, I really love learning about different fields I am interested in and have been loving this book. I sat at Starbucks highlighting various parts of what I was reading and taking notes. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve done that with a book I am reading. Even if you’re not interested in those fields reading about how positioning influences your mindset is so interesting!

After hearing so many recommendations about this movie I decided to finally rent it on Amazon. I was a bit hesitant since there were so many people raving about it that it may not live up to expectations. Fortunately, it really did. It is one of those movies that would be easy to rewatch and the sound track is SO good. I have a feeling I’ll be listening to the music on the way to school for the next couple of days.

Loving: Warm Weather & May
I am so excited that May is here. This is the first year that May hasn’t meant the start of summer for me and even despite that I am very excited for this month since we are getting closer to summer and consistently warm weather.

I have had this product in and out of my online shopping carts for the better half of a year. I finally decided to keep it in my cart before placing an order a few weeks ago and am completely sold on how this product works. It is moisturizing and adapts to your skin to give you a natural looking glowing color. I have been wearing it under a bit of makeup for work and other occasions, but I have a feeling that this summer it will be my go-to on its own.

Proud Of Myself For: Being Decisive
As silly as this may seem, I am not the most decisive person ever. This week I was a bit better with decision making than others which is a step in the right direction.

Anxious About: Testing
We officially begin our state testing this week. We have ours on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and once a week in the following two weeks. We have been doing lots to prep for the tests in the past weeks but since I wasn’t around to see how administering the tests actually looks it will be eye opening to give them. I am hoping that it goes well and that my students don’t feel too anxious!

Posts From Last Week:

I am so glad to be back to blogging after some unplanned time off. Balancing blogging, final grad school assignments, and teaching has been pretty normal for me when I am able to work on the weekends but when I don’t do that I have a tendency to fall behind. Fortunately, I have lots of ideas for upcoming posts and I am hoping to have a little bit more time to publish these now that my graduate assignments for the semester are in.


  1. I still haven't watched The Greatest Showman - I must be the only one left! It sounds like an awesome movie! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Sounds like a busy, but good week! I'm glad to hear you're back to blogging and can't wait to read your upcoming posts! I'm sure a little break was needed after a busy week/weekend :)

    Angela | Cue the Coffee



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