Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas & Birthday Wish List

Never in my life have I had as much trouble coming up with a wish list for Christmas as I have this year. With multiple reminders from my parents and a few hours scrolling through pinterest and any saved browsers on my computer I finally compiled a wish list of items I'd like and that would be practical for me. I like to think I am easy to shop for however I've been told differently over the years. If you don't know, my birthday is the day after Christmas so this year I'm especially thankful of this closeness of holidays because I can't think of what it would be like having to come up with another list specifically for that at a different time of the year (although I am sure I'd manage). 

I feel like I have officially gotten older too after this years process of putting a list together. Originally all I had on it was oven mitts and a vacuum and I quickly had to talk myself out of practicality because those Christmases and Birthdays will be coming soon enough (and we already have a vacuum at home that I can bring back to school!). Last year, I was more excited to watch my family unwrap the presents I purchased for them than I was to open my own so I have learned that giving really is equally as fun as receiving but since I know it would be sad to not unwrap anything here is my "official" list for the occasions. 

Keep in mind, this is a wish list meaning these are ideas of items that I see as being useful for me. You'll see that a lot of them are blog related as I attempt to continue to make Prep In Your Step everything I envision it to be. A camera specifically for on the go purposes and video content (the quality of this camera for that purpose looks amazing) would make it so that I have more to share with y'all while a replacement tripod would make it so that the textbooks I've been stacking my camera on could go back to being devoted to my studies. The oven mitt still made the cut but in the cutest set I could find and a versatile, small cross body bag is something that my closet has been lacking. Unfortunately I've discovered that the older you get the more expensive some of your wish list items can become and that seems to be the trend this year although hopefully in the next week I'll be able to brainstorm some smaller items to add to this list and will share those with you if that's the case. 

Surprises are also always fun and it wouldn't be my Christmas list the past three years if I didn't hint at the fact that I'd love a puppy so those are out on the table now as well! I've also asked for this ring the past two years and still love it for everyday wear but that doesn't help with the more affordable options, oops!

I'd love to know what has made it to the top of your wish list! and hopefully if you're like me this gives you ideas for your Christmas list. I'm definitely still looking for ideas of smaller items so definitely leave those below as well although you can never go wrong with coffee gift cards, anything from Tuckernuck, or school supplies! 

(See what I received last year in this post).


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