Saturday, December 24, 2016

Flannel, Duckboots, and Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve! The 24th definitely snuck up on me this year but in the best way possible. I feel like each year before the holidays the amount of time you have to get stuff done gets shorter and shorter while the list gets longer and longer. We spend the holidays each year at my grandparent's house which we call the farm and this outfit about epitomizes proper attire for the season. Christmas is relatively casual and when we are spending a lot of time outdoors clothes that are casual, comfortable, and durable are our go to. 

While I wish I could say we have to bundle up to brace the cold in reality it's going to be another hot Christmas in Alabama. Forget sweaters and jackets because vests are about as heavy of a layer as you can bear to wear while bracing the heat. This navy vest makes this flannel look a bit less masculine and more winter ready despite the thermometer reading 70 degrees. Paired with one of my pairs of L.L. Bean Duck Boots and jeans I'm ready for any four wheeler riding or target practice we decide to do. 



shirt (similar) // vest // jeans // boots // necklace // bracelets ( 1 & 2) & gold and white

As someone who loves planning I also love consistency which I think is why I like traditions so much. While we don't have too many I thought it could be fun to share them on here with hopes that you'll share some of your favorites as well! 

Pre Christmas

Baking // I adore spending time before the holidays baking treats for my family to enjoy. Cookies and cakes and anything else are my favorites and if you feel the same way you'll probably want to check back for tomorrow's post! 

The Farm // The farm is what we call my grandparents house about an hour and a half away. The have around 60 acres with two big fields and ponds and it's where we go for Thanksgiving and Christmas each year. We will be heading that way tomorrow to celebrate the holiday with my family there. 

Christmas Eve
Appetizers & Dinner // Christmas Eve we usually get dressed up to have appetizers and dinner at my aunts house after church/. Usually we have some sort of soup and bread and for the "kids" (the youngest of us is nearly 19) a Christmas tree shaped pizza. This year we are doing the same sort things and this definitely puts us in the Christmas spirit. 

Organizing the Presents // This is something I've done since I can remember. On Christmas Eve we reorganize the living room designating spots for everyone and then I put on my pajamas and sort everyones presents into their spots. Call me crazy but I love doing it and it makes things easier in the morning since we can just go and sit in our spot and our presents are already there. 

Christmas Day
Brunch // After spending the morning in our pajamas enjoying each others company and unwrapping presents we eat a big brunch as a family. While there are too many foods to name pound cakes and kringles are some of my favorites (I definitely have a sweet tooth).

Fireworks // I blame the boys in the family for this one but starting last year Christmas has become our holiday of choice for fireworks. Last year we had some really great big ones and earlier this week my brother and I got to go shopping for this years. We ended up getting a number of big ones so it should provide plenty of entertainment (and noise) to our family Christmas. You could say we are ending the holiday with a bang. 

Day After Christmas
Birthday Cake // Since my birthday falls the day after Christmas the excitement isn't necessarily over on the 25th. One thing that I do pretty much every year is make my own birthday cake. I love to bake and am not the biggest fan of store bought cakes so doing this is fun for me and ensures that it will be delicious. 

New Years Day 
Polar Bear Plunge // You may have herd of this before but if not think of crazy people deciding to go for a swim on New Year's Day. Some of my friends roped me into doing this the past few years and since they live on the bay we just go out on their pier and jump in. They have a designated spot we have to swim to and then dunk our head underwater before we race back to the pier to try to get out of the water as fast as possible. After that we all shower and have hot chocolate or coffee to warm up while we make a traditional New Years Day meal of ham, black eyed peas, and collard greens. 

What are some of your holiday traditions? Do any of ours overlap? 


  1. Wow, the farm (aka your grandmother's) sounds so fun! I wish there were more outdoorsy places where I live in Hong Kong! Your Christmas sounds crazily busy, with all the already-crazy Christmas celebrations, then your birthday.

    Hope you're having a good one!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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  2. Awesome! Love all the traditions! Merry Christmas!!!

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