Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Now that it is officially December there is nothing better than fully embracing the holiday season! I have always loved Christmas and all that is involved with preparing for the holidays and enjoying the season while at school is equally as important and definitely makes finals more bearable. Since we are officially into December I thought I would help out anyone who may be struggling to get into the holiday spirit. I've come up with 8 different ways to start feeling festive this December and hope that it inspires you to be slightly more spirited this week! 

Pull Out Your Holiday Pajamas

My Christmas pajamas definitely get worn more than just the month of December (aside from the striped onesie, that one is bit too obviously Christmas) but it is very exciting to finally take them out! I always wish that my brother would want to wear matching pajamas with me Christmas morning, however, not doing that gives me a bit more flexibility when it comes to which Christmas pajamas I want to purchase. Something about a set of pajamas with a matching top and bottoms feels both Christmas-y and put together all at once so naturally this pair was worn right when I got back to school! 


If anything can put you in the mood to celebrate Christmas it would be lights plugged in and even a tree. I've been a big fan of Christmas decorations for as long as I can remember and even brought back a 6ft tree for our apartment this year. When decorating we decided to go pretty girly since it would match our living room a lot better than the traditional red and green and I think it turned out pretty cute. Since we didn't have a ton of ornaments to put on the tree we used pom pons, fringe, and mini pennants instead and while it looks haphazard I think it adds a bit of spunk to our space. 

Make Hot Chocolate

While I can down coffee like it's my job and am never one to turn down Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha in the winter there is something about hot chocolate that better fits with Christmas time than coffee. Give me extra marshmallows and wiped cream and I'll treat it like dessert in a mug. Speaking of mugs, I can't get over how absolutely perfect these girly holiday mugs are from Evelyn Henson. You may remember a number of the mugs I already own and adore from her from this post but I have a feeling these will be hard to pack away once Christmas has come and passed. 

Play Christmas Music

I adore Christmas music and definitely think it makes finals in the winter so much more bearable. From the classics to the nutcracker and even the occasional Justin Beiber Christmas CD session I can proudly say that I do wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening. I wish I could say I've created my own great spotify album that y'all should all listen to there are so many great pre made ones that that isn't even necessary! 

Send Friends Holiday Cards

Receiving hand written letters is one of my favorite things. Christmas cards are a close second. I love seeing pictures of friends and family and we've even found a way to display the ones we receive year round! Since my brother and I haven't seen each other since this summer we can't do our Christmas cards till we get home so in the mean time I am writing holiday greetings to friends on these adorable Evelyn Henson cards! The bright colors, catchy sayings, and bold designs are completely frame worthy and will hopefully brighten any friend's day. 

Purchase & Wrap Gifts

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, I love picking out and wrapping presents! While I wish I had an endless budget for this to ensure that I get everyone something they really want or would use I think shopping within a price range for presents is particularly fun. After you spend time looking for the perfect prize for a friend there is no way that you won't feel slightly more spirited! 

Exchange Christmas Ornaments with Friends

My mom and her childhood best friend started a tradition of exchanging ornaments with one another instead of other presents. I love this idea especially as a college student since before long I'll want to decorate a Christmas tree in my own house but otherwise won't have any ornaments. It is so fun hearing my mom talk about who gave her one or its significance which is why I think I adore the idea of exchanging ornaments with one another. Snagging an ornament featuring your friends college town or some place y'all have traveled together would be thoughtful and appreciated for years to come! 

Watch Christmas Movies

The only thing better than watching Christmas movies is watching them with a good friend and some delicious popcorn well, in this instance, Pipcorn. With unique flavors like truffle, rosemary, and kettle corn Nell and I indulged on some this past weekend while getting in the holiday mood. This delicious mini popcorn made movie night a bit more fun and flavorful. And since my brother won't wear matching pajamas with me, naturally I convinced my roommates to! 

Here are some of the Christmas movies I try to watch before the 25th! When I'm exhausted right after I get home after finals it's likely that you can find me watching one of these. 

Whew! I hope that those tips help you feel extra ready for the holidays even while still at school. I only have one week left before break and I'm trying to make the most of being in Greenville until then. I'd love to hear your suggestions of how you get into the holiday spirit! 


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