Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What I Received for Christmas & My Birthday

After sharing what I gave for Christmas yesterday I thought it would be fun to share what I received for Christmas and my birthday with y'all today. Some of y'all have been asking for this post so I am happy to share it with y'all but want to make sure y'all are aware that this isn't me trying to "show off" and I highly doubt any of y'all would take it that way. You can read about what we did for the holidays in this post. I hope y'all had an equally wonderful holiday with your family and maybe received some of the items on your wish list as well.

We will start with what I received for Christmas since that came first. I've made it easy to shop the gifts by including links to the items beneath the image!

If you want to see almost all of the items I received (including stocking stuffers and other goodies) then feel free to watch the video I made for y'all here.

Now for what I received for my 21st birthday the day after Christmas! 

vase // tassel key chain // vintage cakes book // kate spade all in good taste // kate spade socks // yay glass // champagne gummy bears // day designer (gift to myself) // bitter is the new black

I hope that y'all had a fabulous holiday spent with friends and family as well! I wanna know what your favorite gift was this year?


  1. Bitter is the New Black is one of my favorite books! I snort from laughing so hard every time I read it!

  2. That cookie stamp is so cute! I will have to look into those champagne gummy bears especially for when I am hosting a monograms and mimosa's bridal shower!

  3. Could you do an updated agenda review with your Day Designer in the next few months? I am purchasing one for 2016 as well, and I would love to see how you organize yours!

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  5. I love that Kate Spade book and your new vase is gorgeous! My favorite gift was a pair of Tory Burch riding boots!


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  6. LOVE the vlogs! Thanks for sharing with us!


  7. Wow, definitely some great gifts! Love those hunter booties and that tassel keychain is too cute.

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess


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