Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jingle All the Suede

Can we all go ahead and agree that the title of this post was clever and not a lame stretch? Y'all are good with that, great! Moving right along...Suede seems to be on everything this season. From skirts, to handbags, and even to boots you can hardly walk into a store without walking over to something suede without even thinking just to touch it to feel if it really is just as soft as it looks. After a friend came over to me at a Christmas party to touch the suede on the sweater I was wearing we had the ground breaking idea that suede should be included on the inside of clothes too since it is just that wonderful. 

sweater (same sweater in black) // boots (under $50) // jeans // bucket bag // bracelets (1 & 2) & gold and white ones 

When it comes to sweaters I find myself gravitating towards one thing: neutral colors. The last thing I need to buy is more white or grey sweaters since pretty much all of the ones I have fit this criteria and are only slightly different than one another. That didn't stop me from seeing this turtleneck sweater and deciding that it needed to find a way to my closet though. In my defense, the style of this one, especially with its suede detailing is very different than many of the others I have and is the reason I fell for it in the first place. Upon closer inspection, the way the sweater is loose around the bottom with splitter sides further enforced my "had to have" mentality. I'm kind of weird when it comes to things bunching up around my neck and tend to prefer a cowl neck to a turtleneck but this one doesn't bother me since it can be arranged so that it hits a little bit further down avoiding that suffocating feeling that some turtlenecks make me feel. 

Paired with jeans, this outfit seems to be a great dressy casual ensemble however I was surprised when this sweater looked equally as cute paired with a skirt for a holiday party I attended. Since suede on the elbows and cuffs wasn't enough I decided to break out my black suede over the knee boots for the first time to complete this outfit. These boots were a Black Friday steal costing me only $25 for one of the seasons hottest trends. I definitely didn't feel edgy enough to feel as though I could pull off over the knee boots and therefore wasn't willing to spend much to test it out but I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and fit of this pair. While sadly they are no longer $25 at under $50 they are a much more bearable price to pay than some designer ones that can cost you up to $800 (no thanks). I love their pretty flat heel, elastic back, and discrete zippers which make wrestling to get these on and off slightly less dramatic. They stay up well and I didn't find myself adjusting them at all when I wore them which is another perk. The suede from the sweater and the boots balanced each other nicely and avoided looking too overly matcha when paired with some of my everyday accessories!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful Sunday as you gear up for a short week before Christmas! I know I'm looking forward to indulging in lots of good food and time with family as we get color but in the meantime am going to be knocking out some last minute shopping and holiday baking between blog posts!


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