Monday, December 5, 2016

Hostess Gifts To Give

It's me...again! Twice in one day. For the rest of the week, finals week studying permitting, I will have two posts go live each day. I realized that in order to get all of the content I want to go live before Christmas that this is my only option and I like to think it is a pretty good one! 

In the mornings you'll find more informational posts and then each afternoon my goal is to post a new gift guide. I hope that you'll enjoy taking some time to look through both each day and find them enjoyable! As I mentioned in a previous gift guide, you can scroll through all of the ones I've made curated for the different people who may be on your list by using the "gift" label in the side bar. I have so many gift guides I am hoping to do so hopefully you'll be getting the chance to gain inspiration and shop each of those with plenty of time to be delivered before Christmas. 

Since holiday parties are on the horizon I thought it would be fun to start there. There's no need to show up empty handed to one of these holiday events so I've come up with a number of gifts perfect for the host or hostess that would also be great to stock up on (I think everyone needs a "just in case" gift drawer) to give this holiday season. After putting in an effort to organize an event, clean their home, or even just address and seal (ew) envelopes a little happy is in store for the host. Here are some of the best ones I've found to give this year!

I'd love to know while you'd want to bring along to your next gathering! 

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