Friday, December 9, 2016

Step Into My Week

Happy Friday y'all! I have a bit of a story time to start this post out for you that happened this morning and should help to illustrate the fact that I am just a normal person and not as cool as I sometimes may seem on the blog. This morning I had to take a subject standardized test for eventual teaching certification. It went super well which I was shocked about since it was math but that is besides the point. Prior to starting the test you have to put all of your stuff in a locker since no outside materials are allowed to be used. I went in, took the test, submitted it, got my score, grabbed my jacket and bag and was out the door feeling good. I decided that since I have another of these standardized subject tests to take this afternoon that I was going to go to a coffee shop downtown to study before it. I ordered my coffee and a snack and then realized that my laptop wasn't in my bag. That's when I connected the fact that I took my jacket out of my locker but failed to grab my laptop. I never do stuff like this as I am generally pretty thorough in everything that I do but nope, not today! So I did what anyone would do and called the testing center semi frantic asking them to hold onto the key of my locker until I came back. So much for studying at a coffee shop all morning. Instead, I drove all the way back to the testing center, walked in, and the sweet receptionists said they checked the locker and didn't see it. My heart dropped. Fortunately, they made the same mistake as me and overlooked it due to the fact that it camouflaged with the color and material of the locker. I grabbed it and when I told them it was in there they were clearly relieved. Crisis averted! Now that I've shared my super spacey moment with you here is what I've been up to the past week or so! 

Friday night I was invited to a fraternity Christmas date party by a friend which was fun. As per most college Christmas parties, the tackier the better when it came to attire which made the fact that the venue was a Mexican restaurant even more entertaining. Feliz Navidad. We all hung out before hand and spent probably around 2 hours at the event. By the end of it, I was exhausted and was so ready to shower and get in bed! 

Saturday, I was invited to an event right outside of Greenville featuring women owned businesses. Each shop got to set up a booth and it was fun for Nell and I to wonder around and do some Christmas shopping. I finally got to meet Evelyn Henson in person which was super exciting considering we've been collaborating for years but had never met before that! 

Saturday night was spent in making dinner and avoiding the cold. Nell and I watched the final episode of the Gilmore Girls revival and I can't say that I was very excited with the way it ended. I'd love to hear what y'all thought if any of you are Gilmore Girl fans. We finished the night by watching Blue Bloods before going to sleep.

As for the rest of the week it was a lot of tying up lose ends. Classes ended on Tuesday and I had my first exam yesterday with a study day between. I have two more on Monday and am hitting the road first thing Tuesday morning to officially be home for the holidays! 

Furman has so many wonderful traditions around this time of the year but one that started last year that I was so excited to see done again this year was the circle of Christmas trees that greet you as you go in and out of the library. They look especially pretty lit up at night and make studying for exams slightly more festive. 

 I'd love to know what you're been up to this week or if you have anything fun planned for the weekend! If you don't have anything planned feel free to entertain yourself with all of the new blog posts that went live this week (there are 9 of them)!


  1. Good luck on the rest of your exams! I love those Christmas trees outside of the library. Jess at Just Jess

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  3. There is a lot I miss about college, but finals week is NOT one of them. Good luck on the rest of yours!

  4. Those pjs are too cute! Best of luck with your last finals tomorrow! I haven't even started finals yet ugh... I have my first on Thursday and my second on Friday. Lucky for me I only have two this semester YAY! Headed home after my last one on Friday :) happy holidays girl!

    The Daily Delicacy

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