Monday, December 15, 2014

Things I Couldn't Have Survived This Semester Without

Contrary to the tense of the title of this post I am not quite finished just yet. I have my last exam on Wednesday so I am just waiting and studying currently. I am so excited to get home for the Christmas break. This semester has been a long one with many exhaustingly busy things going on. There are definitely some things I couldn't have survived this semester without whether it be for motivation purposes or keeping me awake enough to take notes.

Sleep / Coffee
With this semester being so busy and filled with meetings, labs, and workshops it was especially tiring. Sleep and coffee were essential to my sanity this semester. If I didn't get enough sleep I could depend on coffee to try to get me through the day. I found some awesome new off campus coffee places to study at and it served as the perfect reminder that getting off campus is the perfect refresher on occasion. 

Friends and Family
My personal cheerleaders. I could easily depend on my family to vent to about a certain assignment or project that I was laboring over and I turned to them for a distraction from the Furman bubble that I sometimes get trapped in. My friends oftentimes knew my schedule better than I knew it myself and are constantly willing to share funny buzz feed quizzes on my Facebook wall, study with me, or have a completely unproductive crepe and movie night with me. 


Weekends and Breaks
When I say that sometimes I lived weekend to weekend it's true. Weekends (when I wasn't studying) served as my refresher. Sleeping in and relaxation was definitely in order most weekends. Breaks were the same way. Parents Weekend, fall break, and Thanksgiving allowed me to disconnect from school and enjoy time doing other things I enjoy!

This sounds silly but in all seriousness choosing a new pandora station to study or work out to is so refreshing. I am constantly listening to classical music when I study so my grades can thank pandora too!

This one should be super self explanatory but I have loved having blogging as an outlet so much this year!

What could you not survive this semester without? 


  1. This is a great way to show appreciation! I remember creating my blog essentially for the sole purpose of a creative outlet while I was in university and I quickly realized I should have done it much sooner! Good luck on your last exam, you'll do great!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  2. Ahh everything you are grateful for is so similar to what I am grateful for. Especially the sleep and friends and family one. You are so lucky to be done with school for the semester, I can't wait to be on winter break.

  3. I agree with you about all of those things; without my friends, family, & maybe Pandora too! I would've never made it through this last semester, but in the was all worth it! Good luck on your last final!

    xoxo, SS

  4. Hey Dorothy! Thank you for such a great post. I'm actually starting my first year of college in January. I'm beyond excited, and a little nervous. Can you do a post on how you take your notes? I'm worried I'm going to miss something important.

  5. This is awesome! Finally being able to breath a sigh after finals is the best feeling ever

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