Friday, December 12, 2014

Step Into My Week: 12/5- 12/11

Sadly I don't have too many pictures to share since this week kicked off finals and most of my time has been spent studying. I am now finished with 3 out of 4 of my finals and of course, the last one isn't until this upcoming Wednesday so I am stuck waiting and studying.

This past Friday a group of us went ice skating in downtown Greenville and had a blast! I adore ice skating and am fairly decent at it (thanks to many afternoons spent rollerblading in my driveway as a kid) and although the rink was small we had a blast. For whatever reason most of my pictures from this afternoon were super blurry which is disappointing but here are a few decent ones!



Last Saturday was my sororities winter formal so I took a break from studying to get all dressed up and dance. I took a friend of mine and we had a blast. Unfortunately though, I didn't take many pictures! One of the best parts of the formal was the hot chocolate bar. This was the best hot chocolate I've ever had and you could put any types of marshmallows, cookies, or flavorings into it!


Yesterday, my big and I ventured into the coolest store ever! It is so rustic and filled with modern pieces and antiques, I am about ready to move in! It's called We Took To The Woods and if you live near Greenville, SC you should definitely stop by, currently it is the epitome of Christmas. 

Now onto what has been on my radar…

Well school has taken the front seat lately so nothing too spectacular but this is the cutest video ever

And this is how I've felt about finals…

Don't forget to check out all of my posts from this week. I haven't gotten a lot of feedback through comments lately (this really must be the busiest time of the year) so make sure to check to see if you've missed any posts!

and gift guides!
(2 new ones will go up this afternoon and the final 2 this weekend)


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I love ice skating

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  2. I love your dress for your formal!! Where'd you get it?

  3. It looks like you have had a great week! You and your date were so cute for the dance, I love your dress so elegant!

  4. That last picture having to do with finals made me laugh! I feel the same!

  5. You looked gorgeous at your formal- and a hot chocolate bar sounds super YUMMY! :) Good luck with your last final!!


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