Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ways to End the Semester on a Good Note {Free Printable}

Hooray for the semester almost being over! It has definitely been a long and busy one but I have had my share of fun along the way. Maybe it's the manners my mom taught me at a very young age kicking in but even after you answer that last question on you last exam you aren't quite finished in my eyes! A few thank you's are in store and a little bit of preparation is necessary to prepare yourself for the following semester. (A lot of this probably applies more towards college aged girls but apply this in any way you see fitting regardless of age!).

First, send a thank you email to your professors. Or if you have the extra time drop off a handwritten note in their office. I agree this does look super suck up-y (not a word, oops) but it isn't like your classmates will know that you are doing this unless you choose to tell them. And yes this even means sending an email to that teacher you hated and were sure hated you back. I usually email my professors after I have taken their exam (excluding any sentiments I had about their exam).You never know, this could be the perfect sign of gratitude that causes your teacher to bump you from a regular B to a B+, in no way can being appreciative hurt your grade. In this email be sure to address your professor properly, hey buddy is not appropriate more than likely you should address them as Dr. Something, y'all know this! 
1. Thank them for all the work they have put into their course (it's helpful to name the course and section you are in, just in case) this semester and be sure to let them know that their effort was appreciated. 
2.State something you found interesting in the class and thank them for opening your eyes to this new topic. 
3.Wish them a happy break and let them know that you've recommended their course to a friend (if you would do that). 
4. Finally, sign off with sincerity and your first and last name. 
(I basically wrote the email for you so send it!)
By the way, on the last day of class this semester one of my very favorite teachers (I'm taking another class taught by her next semester,woo) individually thanked each of us for being in her class. She walked up to us in class and had did bits from the duration of the semester that she thanked us for, talk about meaningful! 

Second, thank your friends for their continual support this semester. I know there were times this semester where if it weren't for my friends I definitely would not have felt motivated. They know every little extracurricular you're involved with and sometimes are more on top of your schedule than you are, thanks Nell! A super cute, fun, and inexpensive way to thank them is by surprising them with a sweet treat. I have made a super fun printable for y'all to steal and use as a thanks to your friends. (Email me if you want the PDF version of this printable). All you need to do is go get some delightful donuts and place them in a bag and attach the printable (don't forget to sign your name). This is also great to give to those classmates that were a crucial part of keeping your grades up and getting notes when you missed!

Mine turned out so cute, how could sprinkles not brighten someones day!


Here is what the printable looks like!

Another way to end the semester on a high note is cleaning out your backpack and room. I can't imagine anything worse to come back to after a delightful winter break than a messy room (finals does that to you) and a cluttered backpack. Do yourself a favor and clean it before you leave. I'll be coming back to weeks filled of recruitment hoopla and the stress of a messy room and disorganized workspace would set me over the edge especially at the start of a semester. 

Lastly, flip back through your agenda to see all that you have accomplished! This is the best instant gratification I can think of. Think about it, all of the stuff you have to do in a single semester looks absolutely overwhelming at the onset of the semester and it makes you feel so accomplished when you flip back through your agenda at the end to see all you have accomplished. 

What are your tips for ending the semester on a positive note?


  1. I've just recently discovered your blog, and I must say, it's absolutely perfect! I'm beginning college in the Fall and just reading your posts makes me ecstatic to start :)

  2. I love the idea of writing a note to your teacher at the end of the semester, my semester has been over for a few weeks now-but next semester I will be doing that, I can just imagine how much they would appreciate knowing that a student really did appreciate their efforts!

    xoxo, SS

  3. Love these ideas Dorothy! Although I finished my semester a couple of weeks ago, I will be taking these into consideration for next semester

  4. Great post! Do you have a Longchamp Le Pilage bag? If so, you should do a post about it and what you like about it, I'm trying to decide whether I should purchase one with Christmas money

  5. this is awesome

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