Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Compilation of Gift Guides for EVERYONE on your Lists!

Ok friends, it is officially crunch time. With exams I feel like I have not been able to fully embrace the holiday spirit but we only have 9 days left until Christmas! I am definitely not finished with my holiday shopping but fortunately most of the things I have in mind can be purchased in stores (phew!). If you are like me and haven't quite finished yet then you are in luck because here is a compilation of all the gift guides I made this year for a variety of recipients. 

Be sure to go to the linked post so that you can see even more examples of items to purchase aside from what is in the image for the person you have in mind! I have included in the original posts direct links to loads of items so shop away to ensure you get all your gifts in time for Christmas!

These took a lot of thought and time to make so I really hope you have enjoyed looking through them and will continue to check them out whenever you need ideas for what to get someone. Like I mentioned earlier, to find where to purchase items in the images click on the link to the original post and you will find where to purchase the items shown and other great options!


  1. All of these gift guides are perfect, thank you!

  2. Ahh I have loved all these gift guides, awesome to see them all together, definitely helped me with some of my last minute shopping. Love the monogram one the best.


  3. These are wonderful! I couldn't have done all my Christmas shopping without you!


  4. These were so helpful this year - thanks for making them! Good luck on your last exam!



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