Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Photo Roundup + Fun Announcement

Crazy how fast the holiday season has come and gone. It was a fabulous and relaxing break filled with family and far too many sweet treats and delicious dishes. Ever since getting home for break I knew that my time before the holiday was quickly ticking away and I definitely did my best to make the best of every minute. I must admit that I wasn't quite able to finish watching all of my favorite Christmas movies so I may have to watch them over the remainder of my break. If you follow me on instagram (which you should, @prepinyourstep) then you would know that there was no lack of red and green to fill my feed. 

Fortunately for me, the post Christmas sadness is a bit delayed considering my birthday is the 26th. I celebrated with my family and Nell came over to join for lunch and cake as well. The rest of the day was spent lingering about my grandparents house and wrapping up the day with our own version of a pizza party in our pjs.


Ever since returning home on Saturday I have been doing a combination of unpacking with procrastination in the form of Harry Potter watching (thank you ABC Family)! This years Christmas should've been themed pajamas and books which looks optimistic for the future of my break! 


What on Earth could this girl use so many books on Paris and travel accessories for? Well … I'm going to Paris and London this summer! EEP. Sorry if you were able to hear those squeals through your computer! I am so excited to finally be going abroad and this trip is the perfect opportunity for me to see two of the cities I've been desperately lusting over! I'm glad Furman offers month long trips like this to kick off the summer and even more ecstatic that my best friend Nell is going as well. Seeing as we have tons of time before we depart (can we skip this semester and go straight to May?) you'll surely be seeing plenty of travel posts and I would love your recommendations if you have ever been to these cities!
Lastly, I would adore any recommendations y'all may have for posts you are hoping to see in the upcoming year! Honestly any and every idea that has popped into your head would be more than appreciated seeing as I need to preschedule posts prior to recruitment this upcoming month!


  1. I am so happy for you Dorothy. Happy belated birthday. I have always wanted to travel aboard, hopefully to Spain.

    I am a senior in high school and I applied to Furman - keep your fingers crossed! :) If I am admitted then I will visit with my triplet siblings. Go Paladins!

  2. Oh Dorothy I'm so excited for you!! The university of Tennessee offers a very similar trip and I went to London my junior year of college. It was my 6th trip to London but the first on my own. I had so much fun in London and it's my favorite. I would love to share travel tips and things to do in London if you're interested. Email me at and we can chat. Enjoy your Christmas break!! :)

  3. That is SO exciting! My school (Jacksonville State University in Alabama) is going to Italy this summer & as much as I would love to go...I'm getting married this summer!
    I hope you & Nell have a great time :)

    xoxo, SS

  4. I love all of the cheerful photo's in this post! I hope you had a great holiday's and birthday! Plus I can wait to see all of your photo's in the summer from your trip to Paris and London. Your going to love it! ;)

    ~Cheers to a fabulouse New Year!

    Sophia B.

  5. I am so excited for you to go to London and Paris! That is so exciting and I am sure you will have an amazing trip!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  6. Dorothy, I am so glad you had a great birthday! Coincidentally, we will be in Paris at the same time because I am going for a school trip. Funny! I would love to see a Christmas/birthday haul, because I love getting to see what made other people's holiday so special!
    with love, Caroline

  7. Both great cities! Both are very different from each other but again both are great!
    The Postcard Journals

  8. I can't wait to see the pictures you will take in Europe! Excited for you!


  9. Have so much fun!! And let me know what you think of those Paris books! I'm going there at the end of May(: also, I would love if you posted a Christmas / birthday haul as well!

  10. So excited for you Dorothy! I went to Paris six years ago, and it was so much fun. I cannot wait to see your photos!

    And happy belated birthday!!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  11. I spent 4 months in London last year and loved it! Check out the museums (most are free) and all the markets. Plus London has great shopping! If you would like more specifics feel free to ask!

  12. I'm going to Paris too for my senior trip!!! I am crazy excited! great post !

  13. That's so exciting!!! I would love to see a post on how you organize your phone!

  14. That is so exciting! I've always wanted to go to London! I'd love to see your guide for packing to go abroad and maybe a post about your recent favorites (products, music, etc) that you recommend.

  15. This is so exciting Dorothy! You will have an amazing time, I am British so feel free to ask any questions . I would definitely recommend Notting Hill and Covent Garden but all of London is amazing. Paris is also great too. My biggest tip for both cities is to take time to walk around them, walking from one site to another gives you a much better insight into the city as a whole than taking the metro or bus all the time.

  16. What an exciting opportunity! I love London & know you will have the time of your life!!

    Girl Meets Bow

  17. Oh my gosh! I went to London and Paris this past summer and had so much fun! I absolutely loved London and found everything even better than I imagined it would be. I can't wait to read all about your experience and everything that goes along with traveling abroad, along with the rest of your 2015 posts!


  18. I will be in London this summer as well and I am so excited! Looking forward to your posts regarding this trip!


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