Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Best Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Hooray for it finally being December! December is definitely one of my favorite months of the year with Christmas and lots of family time I never have any trouble getting into the holiday spirit. As I have gotten older and have exams on the horizon I have come to fully appreciate how Christmas and the holidays in general can really energize me. If you have trouble fully getting into the holiday spirit then don't fret because I have some great ideas to change that and before you know it you'll be as energetic about Christmas as Buddy the Elf!

Create a Christmas Music Playlist
This is a no brainer if you ask me. What epitomizes Christmas more than the music? (Well, maybe a tree). My mom told me that one of our radio stations at home began playing Christmas music on November 1st which is a bit premature even for my taste. Turning on the radio, choosing a pandora station (Frank Sinatra Holiday, Christmas Traditional, and Classical Christmas are my favorites), or even creating your own playlist filled with your favorites are excellent ways for you to make your mood match the season!

Go Searching for Christmas Lights
No, I don't mean going to Target in search of a strand of lights. I mean drive through neighborhoods with your friends (and hot chocolate or any of Starbuck's holiday drinks) in search of the best Christmas decorations. I definitely want to do this as an exam study break with my friends this year! If you know of a place in your area that is known for its holiday lights then venture to it all bundled up and take some photos!

Wrap Presents
My dad always has me do his present wrapping and I love everything from choosing the paper to tying the bow. It's hard to not think about a holiday while wrapping presents and nothing is prettier than a tree with wrapped presents under it! I also don't mind the anticipation and curiosity that is sure to occur once seeing a present with your name on it under the tree, that definitely gets you excited for Christmas morning!

Watch a Holiday Movie
Christmas movies are definitely one of my guilty pleasures year round. I mean who doesn't love ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas! It is probably good I don't have a TV in my room because I could definitely see myself procrastinating nightly watching some of my holiday favorites! Last year I made a list of my favorites for y'all (I'll do an updated one this year!) and I can't wait to have time to binge watch them all! Elf, Eloise at Christmas, Home Alone, Polar Express, and all of the classics while eating Christmas cookies in my decorated house, I just can't wait!

Decorate Your House or Room and Christmas Tree
What could be better than decorating your tree and house with your family? I love decorating for Christmas and I think every house should get spruced (pardon the pun) up for the season! Wreaths, garlands, trees, lights, and ornaments epitomize the season! I will definitely be putting some fun decorations in my room at school to get in the spirit here as well. Check out my ornament gift guide here for more inspiration! 

While at school this isn't possible, I adore baking especially for the holidays. When I get home we will have Christmas Cookies and Peppermint Bark filling our house. Grab a friend and try out a fun holiday recipe. Even if it fails the togetherness will make it feel more like the holidays!

Cozy Up By The Fire with a Festive Drink
Winter is the perfect excuse to light a fire. Crackling wood in the fire epitomizes a homey environment and add a holiday flavored drink to that and you are golden. Any of Starbuck's holiday drinks are so delicious but I also won't complain about any type of hot chocolate especially if it has peppermint in it!

Light a Christmas Candle
We have always used an artificial Christmas tree at my house so having something that smells the part is essential. I have been burning my Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam candle nearly continuously now that I am back at school and will definitely be taking it back home once I am on break to enjoy there as well. Even scents that smell like cinnamon or fresh baked cookies will do the trick.

Make a Holiday Bucket List
Sometimes I feel like if I don't have things I want to do (or need to get done) written down on a list then they just won't happen. I created a bucket list for fall and it made me a lot more conscious of all I wanted to do! If you have ideas for fun things to do during a specific season be sure to write them down so that you'll be more likely to do them! This is also a perfect list of activities you and your friends can do instead of sitting around and contemplating what activity you should do on a certain day.

Surprise a Friend with their Gift Early
We are all aware that the holiday season shouldn't be all about the gifts but that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy them. A great way to get into the holiday spirit is by sharing a gift with a friend. I have already received a Christmas present from a friend and it definitely made the holiday feel a bit closer.

Have a Jolly Attitude
Attitude can be everything. While sometimes it is hard not to get bogged down in the thought of exams or other stressful things in the month of December reminding yourself that this is supposedly the most wonderful time of the year should hopefully turn that around. Wouldn't you hate to be called Scrooge or the Grinch or a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins?

What are your favorite ways to get into the holiday spirit?


  1. Hi Dorothy,
    Love your blog! Do you mind publishing your holiday bucket list?

    Thank you!
    Happy holidays!
    -Claire P.

  2. I can't wait until I decorate my room lol

    check out my blogmas post

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