Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide {Stocking Stuffers}

Love holiday movies? Then, you must check out this mornings post!

I'm not sure if everyone does it this way but with my family the first thing we open on Christmas morning is our stocking. It is like the appetizer of Christmas. Usually some of my family is still grabbing coffee so we know never to expect anything big in our stockings (we would hate for someone to miss seeing a gift opened). Personally, I love stockings! Sometimes I feel like they can contain random tidbits with impersonal gifts so to avoid that be sure to stuff your stockings to the brim with smaller gifts that will definitely be used instead of being shoved into the back of a drawer. I am not opposed to receiving socks or a toothbrush in my stocking, yay for practical things, but it makes it even better when those are found beneath colorful and personal tiny trinkets!

Start your Christmas morning with a good impression all because of a wonderful stocking by grabbing some of the items below! These prizes could also be great for small budget gift exchanges!

Shop my favorites below!
PS this is my favorite gift guide I've made so I hope you love it as well!
What are your favorite stocking stuffers?


  1. Hi! I discovered your blog a couple of months ago via instagram. Love your posts Dorothy. Keep it up. Good luck on finals and Happy Holidays!

  2. I love that Lilly P makeup bag, that would be a perfect find in my stocking :)

    xoxo, SS

  3. nail polishes and socks are literally the perfect stocking stuffers lol

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