Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back To School Tips

The inevitable has happened. Summer has come to an end and it is back to school time! I'm ready to be back at Furman however, I am not as excited about going back to class (hello science and math this semester, blah). There are quite a few things I adore about heading back to school though. Fresh binders, pretty pens, new clothes, and the opportunity to organize everything in sight, one of my obsessions!

As my freckles fade and I pull autumn hues to the front of my closet is necessary to have back to school on my mind!

While this post is definitely geared towards college and high school students some of the tips can definitely be true across the board! I hope you find them useful and inspiring you to make the grade while maintaining your sanity!

Use A Planner 
My holy grail of back to school supplies! Stay on task and ahead by writing down assignments and tests! Here are some of my tips for agenda organization from last year and be on the lookout for another agenda organization post soon!

Tackle Your Big Tasks First
I have found that I am far more productive when I first begin my assignments than I am towards the end. That is why I find it important to tackle your biggest task first. You have more energy and are more motivated meaning the assignment will turn out better since it is completed first. I also find that if I am doing assignments during the day then having coffee as an accomplice also helps me out!

Don't Overcommit Yourself
When it comes to school sponsored clubs and sporting groups you can become absolutely swamped! I recommend committing to one or two things that you can fully commit to allowing you to get more out of it! You will have plenty of other things going on that you will thank me later for not overcommitting!

Get Enough Sleep
Funny that I am telling you this…There are definitely nights where I miss out on some of my much needed rest in order to complete an assignment however, that is not a habit! I really do try to get enough sleep during the school year and going to bed at a reasonable hour will have you thanking yourself come your 8:00!

Get Organized
I am an organizing feign. Keep your notebooks, planner, and spiral notebooks neat in order to allow for an efficient usage of study time. I'll be sharing how I organize my supplies with you soon!

Keep Your Technology Charged
I know in high school and even now in college that keeping my technology charged is a must! I also religiously bring my chargers with me just about everywhere in case I hit the dreaded 20% notification.

Track Your Grades
Most high schools have a system for grade tracking however in college you only find out your grades when you ask the professor about them and sometimes they don't even know! I have found it incredibly helpful to write down what grade I received on different projects in order to keep track of how I am doing so that I know going into exams!

Get Ahead | Don't Procrastinate
Cliche, I know but it really does alleviate stress when you get things accomplished in a timely matter! Schedule yourself to complete tasks with plenty of time before they are due!

Lay Out Your Outfit The Night Before
I was lucky enough to wear uniforms in high school so I didn't have to worry about outfits in high school however, I have found it incredibly helpful in college to go ahead and lay out the outfit I plan to wear the night before! Checking the weather to see whether it will be raining or cold is also helpful to save you some time in the morning!

Take A Break
I have been known to just attempt to power through all of my assignments in order to have them completed. I have learned though that my assignments are of much better quality when I take breaks during the time I spend doing homework! Check here to see lots of ideas for ideal study breaks!

Stay Positive
I know it isn;t uncommon to become completely overwhelmed by school work and sometimes you may even have a break down but try to stay positive! You will feel a lot better once you are finished if you were positive during the process!

I hope these tips help you to have a great start of your school year!
Best of Luck!


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