Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Agenda Organization Must Haves

It comes as no surprise that I love paper goods and organization! I hope to have another agenda organization post up for y'all soon but here is mine from last year for reference! Each year I have a few must haves that I rely on while organizing my agenda! For the past 4 years I have become dependent on my Lilly Pulitzer large agenda! Is it weird that I save them year after year? I like seeing what I've accomplished! This year I was completely stuck when it came to choosing the print that would grace the presence of my agenda for an ENTIRE year. After weighing in my options and deciding and then re-thinking my decision I am pleased with my Large Lilly Lovers Agenda!

I realized that I have had blue agendas for the past 2 years so it was time for something different! My school supplies for the year are also a variety of blues so the pink hue this agenda provides will be a fun  pop! And who doesn't adore peonies (my brother…reading over my shoulder).

So behold… My Agenda Organization Necessities!

Clearly, you're going to need some sort of agenda. I have my Lilly agenda and I am also using a Kate Spade planner for blogging, I am partial to my Lilly agendas color and creativity on every page!

I swear by Le Pen! These are the best pens for just about everything! Color coordinating my assignments is one of my favorite parts of my agenda organization. Le Pen is great because with the 18 color  pack you are sure to adore all of the choices and better yet, they don't bleed! I've had the same set for over a year now and they are still going strong!

Post-It Notes are my favorite way to make to-do lists. On super busy weeks you can guarantee a to-do list for every day. The lined ones keep things neat however you can write more on the unlined ones so it is whatever strikes your fancy. See other uses for post it notes here and here!

Highlighters are the best way to mark your achievement. I always cross off completed assignments with highlighters to document what I have left to do. I also find that crossing things off is a great way to motivate me to complete other assignments.

Paper clips are my way to mark the page I'm on. And why not choose super cute ones like these offered from Kate Spade.

Call me a child but I adore stickers and have been using Lilly's academic and greek stickers to add a bit more fun to my daily assignments. Call me crazy but stickers can make the fact that you have to write a paper a bit better.

What are your agenda necessities?

Also I would love to hear of ANY and ALL post ideas or content you would like to see! I am trying to preplan some posts before I head back to school and really want to know what y'all are interested in!


  1. HI Dorothy!

    I was wondering where you get your Lilly academic stickers. I called Lilly and they say they only carry their greek week stickers now.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Great essentials, I absolutely love those bow clips! They are so cute, and seem perfect for organizing the lilly agenda. This is super helpful as well, since I just picked mine up.

  3. I need to get my hands on some of those Kate Spade bow paperclips - they are too fun! Great post Dorothy!

  4. I'm crazy about my Kate Spade agenda and I use it for blogging too! I just ordered my first Lilly agenda and am excited to have it for this next school year. We'll see how it goes for me!

    I also keep a separate plain notebook (like Maybooks) to keep track of my weekly assignments along with any other to do's for that week. I like to keep all of those things in one place. It feels so great to check things off my list!

    Odds & Ends

  5. completely agree with all of these! I use all kinds of trinkets and office supplies to decorate and note things in my agenda!

    Makeshift Munch

  6. I need a set of colorful pens and highlighters for my agenda! Love this post!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  7. I have a "My Agenda" and I use highlighters, stickers and such in mine as well. They definitely help me stay organize since I am back in school.

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