Monday, August 11, 2014

Bean Boots

You may be questioning why I have a post all about Bean Boots in August. Seems crazy, I know however, this fall staple sells out quickly so you should get yours quick! I wear bean boots probably 2 times a week in the fall and even more frequently in the winter, especially on snowy and icy days!

I actually have two pairs and both of them are hand me downs (these things hold up forever, if your foot is finished growing then you are more than likely good with this pair forever). My aunt gave me her 8'' lace up tan/brown bean boots (pictured below) from when she was in college and they still work like a charm! I definitely recommend getting the 8'' boots since they are super versatile and are tall enough to wear cozy socks with. As long as your foot stays the same size then these boots will be yours for the long haul.

8'' Navy | 8'' Tan | 8'' Felt | not pictured 6'' Tan

And if you need a bit of winter outfit inspiration for bean boots then look no further! Although I am showing winter inspiration that does not mean that my bean boots weren't well loved in the fall because they most definitely were!

If you are extra cold natured or live in the North then go ahead and get the 8'' with Thinsulate to keep your toes extra warm!

What is your favorite way to wear Bean Boots and how one have you been wearing yours?


  1. I wonder if I could pull these off at work if I just acted really confident and pretended they were totally formal wear. Y'know, like that scene in The Bell Jar where Sylvia Plath talks about being confident enough to be able to pull off eating salad with your fingers... Oh well, I guess I can keep dreaming, as far as the bean boots go.

  2. Can't wait to style mine! Great outfits!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  3. Hey Dorothy! I love your blog! I check up everyday to see if you've posted! I was wondering where I could purchase the white sweater you have on in outfit example three? Thanks!

    - Mary Helen

  4. Hey, great post, love my bean boots more than anything, as northerner I wear them 24/7. Love the outfits you styled them with! What is the jacket you are wearing in the top few photos? I've been looking for a new coat for fall and am obsessed with it! Thanks!

    1. Thank you! It is this exact jacket! Although it is pricy it is such amazing quality and will last forever. I love mine!

  5. I love Bean Boots! Your outfits are so cute!



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