Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big/Little Gift Ideas + Great Places to Purchase Sorority Gear!

For many girls at large universities Recruitment has come and gone! Between the excitement of bid day and a new pledge class to celebrate with I can assure that the sophomore pledge class is gearing up for the next most exciting part…Big / Little Week!

The entire new member process was an absolute blast however, the excitement of coming back to my for room after a long day of classes and discovering an exciting goodie with a clue outside my door left by my big was such a blast and the clues left me sleuthing to try to discover my bigs identity prior to the reveal!

Personally, I have already begun thinking of how to spoil my little and I am excited to share some of my favorite sites with you! One of my favorite gifts during big/little week was t-shirts! This semester I will be purchasing an extra shirt from each event to give my little! This is a great way to spread out the cost so that you aren't stuck spending lots the week before reveal!

I am a bit biased and that is clearly evident below by using solely Kappa Delta stuff in this image! Whoops! Even if you aren't a KD these will give you great ideas no matter which organization you are a member of!

My favorite places to shop online! Crafting and DIY is also recommended!

Etsy (just search your sorority! My favorite is LettersByAlex)

Where are your favorite places to shop for Greek gear?


  1. For letter shirts and other apparel, I love Jenna Benna! They have so many styles, colors, and prints (including Lilly!) to choose from. I also like Sorority Specialities - it has lots of stationery and other great gift ideas!


  2. I agree that Jenna Benna is great! Also, All that Jas in Elon, NC is a great store. The ladies are so great to work with and their shipping is quick!

  3. Ok..! so i have an friendly store for online shopping for gift items for people who’s want shop online for you can go to and enjoy with online shopping gifts for everyone and every occasion…thanks


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