Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beach Trip Photo Recap

This past weekend (and part of the week before) my best friends from school and I reunited at the beach! Caroline, Nell, and I had been planning this trip to Watercolor since early April and it seems crazy that it finally happened! We had an absolute blast soaking up the sun, movie watching, and eating to our hearts content.

We had great weather while we were there and each of us left a few shades tanner!

They don't call it Watercolor for nothing… the clarity of the water is to die for!

As a party favor for the trip I made my friends and I personalized tubes. They were perfect for lounging around in the water!

When we finally got dressed up and put on makeup (a rarity in the summer) we figured photos were necessary and the porch of Caroline's house was perfect for our mini shoot!


 While I am sad that I am not still at the beach I can't complain too much since we will all be together again in less than two weeks!


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