Friday, August 15, 2014

Back To School Wardrobe Necessities

I know, I know! You didn't want to hear it Wednesday when I said it and you don't want to hear it now… Back to School. It is inevitable so there is no skirting the issue! The best parts of going back to school in my mind include school supply and clothes shopping! Maybe I am crazy but those two things make the first couple of weeks bearable and dare I say enjoyable, aside from seeing my friends of course (I promise I don't hate school, I just am not ready for the work and assignments that are bound to ensue)!

While I was confined to uniforms in high school, which I really did adore, now that I am in college I realize how essentials stocking up on some trusty basics can be! I never knew how much work people had to put into getting dressed each day. There were times that I would try to remember if I wore an outfit on MWF so that it could be repeated later on during a Tuesday or Thursday class! It is incredibly unlikely that someone has enough clothes to wear something new each day and that is why basics are so essential!

Check out my essentials for back to school below! 

loafers (another favorite) | I recently got a pair of camel colored loafers from C.Wonder and I am so excited to wear them. The perfect fall and school staple and these will definitely not go out of style!

flats | Stock up on the basic colors navy, black, and camel and then check out all the other colors that would be ideal for fall!

shirtdress | So easy to throw on and look put together when you accidentally pressed snooze 4 times, no one has to know with this essential! (other favorites include 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |)

white blouse | Can easily make an outfit! Who remembers a white blouse which allows you to dress it up or down and accessorize it  in a plethora of different ways creating plenty of outfits from a simple piece!

button downs | I am a button down feign! Wear them now and layer later with vests and jackets! J.Crew is the place to go for quality button downs! I love this one too!

jeans | It is amazing what a couple of good pair of jeans will do! I am so picky when it comes to jeans… a dark wash, skinny leg, and soft material are my criteria and these are my new obsession (and an unknown and relatively inexpensive brand).

knit/ cotton t-shirts | Whether it is a v-neck or scoop you crave these are perfect now to pair with your favorite chinos and are even better for layering later! Stock up now!

Shop all of my favorites and essentials from this post below! 


  1. Absolutely agree with you. I've been looking for the perfect pair of loafers for the longest time though. I have wide feet and none actually fit well enough to be comfortable. Any other suggestions, aside from C.Wonder? :) Thanks! Oh, I was also wondering if you've heard of Vain Pursuits before? I've been seeing them pop up all over my FB feed, I think they do skincare?

    1. Oh, what's Vain Pursuits? I've never heard of them before?

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