Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY: Hassel Free Tassel Bracelets + Giveaway

Tassels and Pom-Poms have been all over various blogs, instagram, and pinterest as of late and I have been smitten with the pop of color and playful feel they give an outfit! A couple of weeks ago I went and got supplies to make them and just recently got around to making my own.

Conveniently enough, Caitlin of the fabulous Southern Curls & Pearls had the same idea and made an awesome set of instructions similar to how I was planning to make mine! If you don't quite understand my directions hop over to her blog to see if hers clarify things!

These bracelets are super easy to make and the supplies are plentiful enough to make a couple of these fun bracelets!

the supplies you are going to need:
embroidery thread
clear stretch cord
silver wire
silver jump rings
silver crimp beads
plastic card of some sort

First, you're going to want to decide which embroidery thread color to start with, possibly the hardest part! Then you need to cut 3 strands, each about 15 inches of this color thread and slip a jump ring through all of them.

Second you get to make the tassel! You're going to use one whole pack of embroidery thread for each tassel to give it a little extra fluff. Wrap the thread tightly around the card and once you've used the whole pack of thread cut all of the thread at one end.

Third, you are going to take the fluff that will become the tassel and tie the thread you set aside around the middle of the fluff making sure that the jump ring is centered. I double knotted the thread just to be sure it didn't come undone.

Fourth, begin to comb through the thread and then wrap the wire around the top portion of the fluff going around quite a few times. After you are satisfied with the way your wire looks cut the wire and then be sure to tuck it tightly with the rest of the wire. 

Fifth, take your clear, stretchy cord and begin threading your beads onto the cord. It can take anywhere from 18 to 23 beads depending on your wrist size.

Sixth, thread two crimp beads onto either side of the wire and thread the tassel into the middle. You want both sides of each of the string through all of the beads as pictured below. Pull the string tightly and then clamp the crimp beads. After that and not pictured, you're going to want to tie a small know on each side to ensure that the cord isn't going anywhere and then you get to cut the tassel to whichever length pleases you!

It's as easy as that and by the end you will have a few new colorful accessories to rotate through with some of your favorite pieces.

Loving the idea of doing it yourself but not thinking you have the time? This takes maybe 30 minutes on the first bracelet and a lot less time for the bracelets to follow. Still not convinced? Enter to win your own below! One winner from the blog will win 2 bracelets and I'll also have one winner from my instagram who will also win 2 bracelets! Be sure to enter on both!


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