Friday, August 29, 2014

A New Friday Post Series: Step Into My Week

One of the hardest parts of being a blogger for me is wondering what y'all are most interested in seeing. Unless I hear feedback I am kind of in the dark about what y'all are dying to read about. Blogging can be kind of lonely in that aspect. 

I know some of y'all really enjoy college updates from me so I decided this would be the perfect combination of photos and updates from me as well as occasional favorites I am dying to share! This is a combination of photos from school as well as things I've discovered in the past week!

Of course, me being me, I couldn't have a series going out without a fun name. Considering I am a lover of puns I labored over coming up with something punny for y'all. I am not completely head over heals (not even trying and that was a pun) with the name but it'll do for now!

Without further adieu… welcome to my very first of hopefully many Fridays
Step Into My Week!

*I'm not sure I mentioned this or not but I got my haircut even shorter so yes, it is freshly cut in these photos*

This week has been a whirlwind in a good way! Saturday I drove up to Furman following Nell and her mom on our eight hour trek. We stopped for lunch at Chickfila and hen Sunday I spent the whole day unloading, unpacking, and organizing my dorm room for the semester. It almost felt as though I hadn't left school however, everything seems to have changed (most importantly we are no longer the youngest)! It is tiny but it is coming together quite nicely and don't you worry, I will have a whole post about my dorm room and decorations for y'all soonish! I am living on the Kappa Delta hall so it has been such a blast being able to roam from room to room and have friends all around!

Move in was such a process and I felt like I was moving all of my stuff from my bed to the futon and back again so I am very relieved to have it somewhat situated now!  Here is a teaser of it for y'all...

That night I was able to see a few of the girls I work with at camp that are now freshmen at Furman and I took them, along with their roommates to cookout, a crowd favorite here at Furman! It was so fun to see the hand get to know their roommates and I won't complain about a milkshake either!

Monday was spent going to check my mail box and picking up my books. School doesn't seem quite so real until your books are lying on your desk. Speaking of desks, I had ordered a desk hutch to better organize my space and I built that on Monday as well. I had a meeting to go to that afternoon and then some friends and I checked out the newly renovated dining hall and went to a carnival put on by Furman. It was such a nice night and I forgot how fun carnival rides can be. It has been so fun seeing friends and catching up with them about how their summer was but it is strange to have so many new faces on campus.

The carnival man had me sit by myself on the other side of the swings to "even out the weight" not sure what that was all about but my friends found it highly entertaining.

The girl in the picture above is my roommate for this year! Her name is Karina and she is super great!

After the carnival Nell, Caroline, and I (you probably remember them from last year and this post) showered and watched a movie and painted our nails before we went to bed since it was a school night…

Tuesday was the first day of classes and I only had one class so that was nice. That night I ended up sleeping on Nell and Caroline's floor because I accidentally got locked out of my room, so that was a bit of an adventure. Wednesday I had my long day of classes and I am optimistically hoping that my course load will be manageable!

For my human development class we have to raise virtual children and mine ended up being a girl. The whole thing is kind of like a mixture of webkinz and the sims but seems pretty fun so far!

Thursday was spent at class and the library and then that night a fraternity on campus hosted a party at the local baseball teams stadium and it was such a cool venue. My friends and I only stayed for a few minutes and then went to cookout!

I have had some requests for outfit posts however, right now I don't really have the time to do those so I did try to compromise by showing y'all these photos of what I've worn to class the past few days..

I am so excited for an extended weekend with no major plans!

Also, I can not stop listening to this song! I am so excited for Taylor Swift's new album!

Happy Friday y'all and get excited for a post all about labor day sales coming your way soon!


  1. Dorothy, I love this series and am so excited for future ones!!


  2. ooh i like this series!!! your outfits are adorable

  3. Love this blog! Excited for the new series!!!!

  4. love getting a look into your college life!

  5. loved this post!!!

  6. I love this new blog series, it's such a creative idea!! And please do share where you got your new desk hutch!


  7. Is it weird that I really want to raise a virtual child? Sounds like fun! I always did like The Sims :)

    Kasey {preppylove}

  8. Loving this series and loving those shirts you wore to class- I know the first is Lilly, but who made the second and third tops?!

  9. Except for the series! Sounds like it's been a great week!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  10. I'm a sophomore in college just like you and I loveee seeing your class outfits!

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