Tuesday, April 13, 2021

White Spring Dresses for Graduation or Brides

 Lately, one of my most requested posts has been for graduation dress ideas. Between taking pictures with your friends ahead of the big day and finding the right thing to wear for your actual graduation day, I know it can be a challenge. I had originally planned to put both the colorful and white dress options I found in one post, but after scouring quite a few sites and finding far more dresses than I had thought I would, I determined that it may be best to break up the posts. So, for now, today’s post contains white graduation dresses that would also work well as bridal dresses for showers or wedding-related events for anyone who may be getting married this spring or summer. 

*Keep scrolling to find clickable image!*

*Keep scrolling to find clickable image!*

I’ll be sharing some of my tips for picking out graduation dresses when I share the colorful dresses I found on Thursday, but it’s hard to go wrong with a white dress under your cap and gown since it’s unlikely to clash as a neutral. In high school, we were required to wear white graduation dresses since our gowns were white which lead me to choose a colored dress for my college and master’s graduation. No matter what you choose, just make sure it’s something you’re comfortable in and will be comfortable wearing regardless of if your ceremony is inside or out. 

I’ve included my favorite white graduation dresses below at varying price points. You can click directly on the dresses in the image below to be taken to where each one can be purchased.

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