Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday Shopping vol. 81

 I hope that y’all are enjoying your Easter weekend. I am at home in Fairhope and have been since Thursday afternoon, and it has been so relaxing. We haven’t done that much, but I always appreciate a bit of time to slow down. On the agenda today is tacking my parents to play pickleball. After hearing me talk about playing some this past week, they wanted in on the action. My dad has already been watching videos about scoring and the rules, so I have no doubt he will be looking for pickleball buddies here in Fairhope once I’ve left. 

Pickleball aside, I’m so glad that everything is so green at the moment. Fortunately, I don’t have any allergies, so the pollen hasn’t been an issue personally, but I love seeing everything brighten up a bit and start to bloom. I think today’s Saturday Shopping post makes it very evident that I am ready to break out all of my favorite spring pieces in fun colors! Hopefully, the cold snap we’ve been having will be gone soon, and that can become a reality.

If you see anything you’re interested in shopping you can do so by clicking directly on the piece in the collage below. 

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