Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Step Into My Week 4.6

 I hope y’all are having a great week so far. Anytime I come back from taking a few days off from my full-time job, I feel a bit like I am treading water. Since yesterday was my first day back after taking a few days off last week that would explain the delay in my Step Into My Week post. Last week lacked routine, and I kind of loved it knowing that this week it would be back to normal. In other exciting news, I am scheduled to get vaccinated on Thursday. I am hoping that I don’t have too many of the symptoms I know that some people are experiencing but fortunately won’t be back in the office for a shoot until the following Wednesday, which will give me plenty of time to recover if needed! 

Monday and Thursday (which was a half-day) were my only workdays of the past week since I had some rollover vacation days from last year that had to be taken before the end of March. I had an interior shoot on Monday for a really pretty powder bathroom that will be published this summer. Before the shoot began, I picked up a few flowers from a wholesale florist to use and got to the location around 9:30. We finished before lunchtime, which gave me plenty of time in the afternoon to send emails and gather props for a big shoot I have next week. Once my workday was finished, I played pickleball with Hunter, and we ate leftovers for dinner while watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. He wanted to watch the finale of some show he has been into after that, so I left and went home. 

Tuesday was my first vacation day of the two I took, and I really don’t remember all that much of what I did aside from going and play pickleball with Hunter midday. Wednesday was pretty much the same, although it was raining, so I didn’t do much of anything outside. That night we did have supper club, which is always a blast. It was at Macy’s house, and she set a cute Easter table for us to enjoy our meal around. Some of our friends left, but Macy, Drew, Hunter, and myself played a game for a bit before eventually calling it a night.

I had a meeting Thursday morning with our styling team at work and then sent a bunch of emails after that before my half-day of work was complete. I then packed up my car to head to Fairhope for Easter. I arrived home between 4:00 and 5:00 and hung out on our front porch with my parents before we eventually made dinner. 

Friday was the most eventful of my days at home since I got up and rode the Peloton before my mom and I went to an Antique store in Mobile that she likes. They have a monthly estate sale so since she was also off of work that day figured it would be a fun activity for us. We had lunch across the street at The Cheese Cottage before stopping on our way home to pick up crawfish to have for dinner that night. I can’t remember what we did that afternoon, but our dinner was delicious.

I got up and rode the Peloton again on Saturday morning before going with my parents to play pickleball mid-day. We had lunch after that and all needed to shower after being out in the sun. We took it easy most of the afternoon and had steaks for dinner that night. Sunday was Easter, and we did a big brunch, played pickleball, rode the Peloton, and had ham and delicious sides as our Easter dinner that night. I stayed in Fairhope that night, as well, since I didn’t have a shoot the following day, which made it so that I could enjoy the whole day with my family. I hadn’t been home since Christmas, so it was nice to be able to spend time with my parents and Scout without having to rush back! 

Happy Tuesday! 

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