Thursday, April 15, 2021

Colorful Spring Dresses Perfect for Graduation Festivities

 As promised on Tuesday, I am back with another roundup of colorful spring dresses that would be perfect for graduation festivities. The beauty of a lot of these dresses is that they would also be great options for spring and summer wedding guest dresses (in March, I shared a post specific to that topic if you’re looking for even more options). If you’re bummed not to see any white dress options included, then that may mean you missed Tuesday’s post that was dedicated to that, find it here

*Keep scrolling for clickable image*

*Keep scrolling for clickable image*

I mentioned in that post that I ended up wearing solid pink dresses to both my undergraduate and master’s graduation ceremonies. Our robes were black, so I knew a fun color was what I wanted to brighten things up a bit. It rained during my college graduation, which was supposed to be outside and was moved inside due to the weather, so having taken into account the fact that it could be hot was kind of pointless at the end of the day but is something to keep in mind when selecting what you as a graduate may want to wear. If hot weather isn’t a concern, then you may not mind having a dress with sleeves, although that’s something I steered clear of knowing that weather in May and August (the timing of my master’s graduation) in the south can get hot. Other things to keep in mind when picking out your dress would be the length. You may notice that I haven’t included any midi or maxi length dresses because personally, I don’t think I’d want to see any of my dress beneath the hem of my graduation gown. Before you overthink what you’re going to wear too much, I’ll leave you with one last thing to keep in mind which is having a print on a dress. Since we were in black gowns, I didn’t feel the need to steer clear of a print, however, had we been in purple to match our school color or something else bold like that, I probably would stick to something a little less busy. 

If you’re feeling the slightest bit overwhelmed by what to pick I have a feeling that scrolling through all the options I found will result in finding a dress that feels right for you! As always, you can click directly on the dresses in the image below to be taken to where each one can be purchased. Best of luck!

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