Monday, April 12, 2021

Step Into My Week 4.12

 It’s almost noon, and I don’t feel like I’ve looked up from my work computer at all today. That would explain why this didn’t go up at 8:30 as usual, but I didn’t want that to stop me from sharing what I’ve been up to over the past week. 

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Monday morning, I was still in Fairhope for part of my workday and meetings. I woke up especially early that morning so that I could Peloton before saying bye to my parents as they left for work. I finally packed up, showered, and had my meeting for the day before eventually making the drive from Fairhope back to Birmingham. I got back and did more work before unpacking everything so that I could have a fresh start to the week. That night was the end of the men’s NCAA tournament, so Hunter and I decided to get Taco Mama for dinner before watching the game together. He had Gonzaga winning his bracket, and I had Baylor winning so I was a bit more excited about the outcome than he was.

Tuesday morning, I woke up early before work to read in bed before getting my day going. I had a bunch of products that needed to be ordered in and spent most of the day working through that task. Later in the afternoon, after work Hunter and I went to play pickleball before I went home to shower, and we could meet up to go on a walk stopping by the Milo’s Burger Bus in our neighborhood that was giving out free chicken nuggets. We decided to make salads for dinner that night and went to the store to pick up the ingredients. They turned out to be really delicious, and we ate them while watching some of the third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 

I woke up early on Wednesday to read again before heading into the office for the photoshoot I had that day for a July/August issue. There were so many shoots happening in the studio that our team had to be downstairs away from the kitchen which was a bit of a curveball. We got through the shoot around 4:30, and I left to head home shortly after it wrapped. I decided to go on a run after work since the weather was nice and talked on the phone to Nell while walking afterward. Once I got home, I did an ab workout routine before showering and making myself dinner. My roommate and I decided to watch the first episode of Ted Lasso together at her parent’s recommendation, and as you’re about to find out, I really enjoyed it. 

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Thursday morning, I woke up early so that I could get work done before heading to my Covid vaccine appointment. I got mine at Walgreen’s where they were giving out the Johnson and Johnson shot, so I am now officially vaccinated. The rest of the day, I continued to get work done until eventually going on a walk with Hunter. We decided to go to The Filling Station for dinner and split their pesto pizza. Afterward, he came over to my house, and I had him start the first few episodes of Ted Lasso. We were both quickly hooked and loved that the episodes are shorter in length than many of the other shows we’ve watched together. After a few episodes, I went to bed. 

I was working from home on Friday and was able to get a lot done before Hunter came over once my workday was over so that we could finish watching Ted Lasso. You end up rooting for all of the characters even though you may not necessarily agree with all their decisions, so if you’re looking for a feel-good new show, I’d definitely recommend it. Once we finished that, he left again, and I showered, listened to an audiobook, and took a nap. I don’t think I really had any major symptoms from the Covid Vaccine, but if I had to suspect one, it would be general fatigue. Post nap on Friday, I didn’t have any other issues with it. Hunter and I reconvened for dinner and were both being indecisive with what we wanted to eat, so we ended up putting our name on three different waitlists and eating at the place that let us know our table was available first. We went to a bar near our house after and played a few games of pinball before coming back to my house and watching an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel before he went home.

I slept in a little bit on Saturday and did some blog work in the morning before finally taking pictures of some of the clothes I have that I’m looking to sell. This became quite the project, and I was happy when my friend Caroline stopped by to pick up the wedding gifts that she had been storing at my house after her wedding at the end of last month. Eventually, I decided to take a break from my clothing purge and changed and met some friends at Back Forty. We stayed there for a couple of hours, and eventually, Hunter joined before he and I met up with a few of his friends for dinner. We went to one of his friend’s houses to play Quiplash for a bit before calling it a night.

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Sunday morning, we had plans to play pickleball with one of Hunter’s friends and his friend’s girlfriend. We all met up around 10:30 and played for a while before getting brunch together at The Filling Station. I went back to my clothes purging project in the afternoon and also showered and did laundry. Hunter found a smoked salmon recipe that he wanted to try that night so after he was done watching The Masters with his friends I went over to his house so that we could make it. The salmon was delicious but I think we would both agree that the avocado salsa recipe it said to pair it with was even better! I have a feeling we will be making it to have as a snack on occasion. We watched one more episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel before I left and went to bed. 

We lucked out that the rainy weather we were supposed to be getting this week has turned to sunshine on my weather app so I’m really hoping things stay sunny! 


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