Monday, April 19, 2021

Step Into My Week 4.19

 Mondays have become my busiest day of the week lately with how many meetings I have, and given that I didn’t start this week’s Step Into My Week post until today, I shouldn’t be shocked that I’m not getting to it on my to-do list until now (lunchtime). Last week felt like the SLOWEST week in terms of how long it took to get to Friday. It also didn’t help that I was in an out-of-sorts mood during some of it, but I’m glad to have a fresh start today! 

As for what I did over the past week, I woke up on Monday morning and made a lengthy to-do list before reading for a little while in bed and then getting started with my day. Since my roommate was out of town at a conference, I set up my workspace in our dining room for a bit of at-home change in scenery. I had a two-hour meeting that took up most of my morning and organized some stuff from that once we all signed off of that. During my lunch break, I decided to walk up and down the hill my house is on, which left me nice and sweaty and in need of a shower before picking back up with my workday. I continued to get organized for the week and went to the store in the afternoon to get the rest of the items I needed to make dinner. Since I hadn’t spoken with my parents on the phone on Sunday, I called them to have them entertain me while I cooked. I ate my dinner while watching an episode of Schitt’s Creek and got in bed relatively early to read.

I was up at 4:40 on Tuesday in preparation for my first cycle class at M Power Fitness in Mountain Brook Village. They have a great, two-week free introductory period that I’ve been taking advantage of while deciding what I want to do workout-wise in the coming months. The instructor was so nice and made me feel really comfortable, and better yet, I left knowing I had gotten in an awesome workout before sunrise. I showered when I got home and responded to some emails before heading into the office to unpack a lot of the packages at my desk for my shoot the following day. Once those items were unpacked and re-packed, I went to Trader Joe’s and another local store to get the last items I needed for that shoot. My friend Hallie was in town, so a group of us went to get sushi with her that evening and by the time we finished at Abhi I was exhausted and ready for bed.

Wednesday was a location shoot that I tag-teamed with another stylist. We got started around 9:00 and were there until close to 3:00 shooting some fun fall products. We were lucky to have gotten our outdoor shots out of the way early since it started to rain in the afternoon. Once we wrapped up, I came back to my house and worked from the sofa until it was time for me to go to another scheduled cycling class at M Power at 5:30. Hunter offered to make dinner that night, so I quickly showered and went over to his house to eat and finish watching the third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I left after that and fell asleep pretty quickly after having a busy day. 

I went to another 6:00 cycling class on Thursday morning since I was working from home that day and could shower without having to rush into the office after. I was able to get ahead on some planning for shoots I have in May and felt accomplished having scheduled meetings and had a good feel for what the next couple of weeks would look like work-wise. Rebecca and I signed our lease for our move at the end of next month that afternoon, and later on, Hunter and I went for about a four-mile walk on a loop I hadn’t done before. We were both pretty hungry after that and made pasta and salads for dinner. We started a Netflix mini-series about an art robbery at the Elizabeth Gardner museum that night.

Friday, I had my second shoot of the week, which was finished around 11:45, which gave me time to make a few product returns. I didn’t really have any big plans for the weekend, so unfortunately, my work week aspect of this post is probably more interesting than what’s to come. I took it easy Friday afternoon, and eventually, Hunter and I went to dinner at Porch that night before finishing the show we had started the night before. I was pretty tired and was in bed asleep before 10:00.

Saturday morning, I took it easy and worked on some blog content before meeting up with a few friends to play pickleball in the afternoon. I went for a long walk after that and caught up with Nell on the phone before showering and doing pretty much nothing the rest of the day. I went to bed pretty early that night.

Sunday was pretty similar to Saturday in that my activities involved a long walk while listening to a podcast, a trip to the grocery store, and a lot of time sitting outside watching church and reading. In the afternoon, I talked on the phone with my parents and went over to Hunter’s a little later on, to go with him to Home Depot and eat dinner. We picked up food from Urban Cookhouse and turned on The Parent Trap while we ate. After the movie was over, I left and went to bed.

I’m hoping that this week goes by a bit quicker than the last and that I can get out of the funk I feel like I’ve been in. Hoping your Monday is already off to a good start! 

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