Thursday, March 18, 2021

Interior Design Inspiration: Office/Guest Bedroom

I was so thankful for some sunshine on my drive to work this morning after the scary weather we experienced yesterday. Fortunately, where I’m located in Birmingham is somewhat protected by a mountain, making tornadoes a bit less likely, but still, tuning into the weather all day was a bit exhausting. It was nice, though, to have an unexpected day of working from home since my shoot had to be rescheduled.

I know many of us had to quickly adjust to working from home last year, which meant that dining room tables or desks in the corner of our bedrooms quickly became our new offices. Those of you with designated office rooms at home were envied by coworkers who had the distraction of kids or family members also trying to manage zoom calls nearby. 

 *keep scrolling to get to the clickable image*

After sharing a living room interior design inspiration post (that was entirely hypothetical, but a girl can dream), I knew I wanted to continue this series with additional spaces. My friend Sophia was quick to encourage the next round-up to be of an office that doubles as an extra guest bedroom since she’s currently working on that type of space in her home. Although she and her husband are back in the office, I can imagine how enjoyable it would be “commuting” to this type of space each day or hosting loved ones in it as well. 

Including a daybed in a space like this really makes it feel like you aren’t only working from a bedroom, and I was impressed to have found some affordable options that even have a trundle option (more of those to come tomorrow). As for the color scheme, I am still so drawn to blues and greens and kept that going in this post. It made sense to me to include a dresser in the space, too, since depending on how long your guests are staying, they may want to unpack, but if not, a pretty luggage rack does the trick. 

Prices for the items included are all over the place, but tomorrow’s post will be sharing even more pretty pieces I found when making this post at additional price points. To shop any of the pieces included, click directly on the items in the image below! 


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