Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Step Into My Week 3.10

 Hi, remember me? I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but the motivation to write out blog posts has been slim to none. This is a bummer given the number of post ideas I am hoping to get to, but I’m trying not to force myself to produce content when I’m not feeling in the mood to. Fingers crossed, I’ll be back into it soon, but in the meantime, this is my attempt at coming up with what all I’ve been up to in the past week.

I started out Monday morning with an early workout at True40 before getting on my video calls for the shoots I had last week. Those lasted until around 10:00, at which point I worked on organizing my worksheets for those shoots. I spent most of the afternoon trying to gather some prop ideas for a shoot I have later this month while also confirming that everything for my shoot this past Monday would come in. That night Hunter and I cooked a semi lazy meal of Trader Joe’s orange chicken (done in the air fryer) and their frozen fried rice. Despite taking little effort, it still tasted delicious. We played backgammon and watched the Amazon documentary on the men who climbed Meru before he left, and I went to bed.

Tuesday was another work from home day for me, which started with a True40 workout and shower before continuing to source products and send out emails. I can’t really remember anything else of note from the day aside from it raining off and on. That night I went to a relatively new restaurant called Porch with my friend Eliza who owns her own custom paper company. She is the cutest, so if you don’t follow her, you should since I’m so happy we got connected over the summer. I came home and watched the previous night’s Bachelor episode with my roommate before going to bed. 

I was up early on Wednesday to read and get a bit of behind-the-scenes blog work done prior to going into the office for my shoot. It was for a client, and somehow, we were expected to get over 20 shots for them in the span of the day. That was way more than our typical amount and caused some frustration among our photo team. We somehow wrapped right around 5:00, and I was relieved not to have plans that night. 

I had another shoot on Thursday for a summer issue of one of our food titles that went much better than the day before the shoot. We finished around 1:30, and I could get some things straight at my desk before working from home in the afternoon. Once my workday wrapped up, I showered and got ready to go to dinner with Hunter, his sister, and her boyfriend. We went to Blueprint on 3rd around 6:30 and stayed until past 9:00. Everything was delicious, and it was fun to get to see them and hang out while we were in town. After dinner, I came home and went to sleep.

Friday morning, I went to a True40 class, got flowers for my shoot scheduled for Monday, and spent the rest of the morning ordering in products for my shoot later this month. I eventually showered, did laundry, and packed to head out of town for the weekend. Our supper club group went to one of their family’s hunting camps about an hour and a half outside of Birmingham. Hunter and I picked up stuff for a shrimp boil that night and arrived there around 7:15. Everyone else started to trickle in, and we ate dinner before playing spoons and fishbowl the rest of the night on the porch by the fire. Around midnight, everyone decided to call it a night and head to bed.

I woke up around 8:30 on Saturday morning, just in time before our originally planned 9:00 workout that my friend Macy had planned. As everyone trickled into the main house, we decided that breakfast before working out would be best and made a veggie breakfast casserole, eggs, bacon, and baked granola. After eating, we got ready to workout, and the girls did that for over an hour while the boys started shooting skeet and having some target practice while we got it done. After cooling down from that, changing, and making a drink, we explored the property and were back around 2:00 to eat a late lunch. Everyone took it easy in the afternoon, shooting the guns and hanging out before eventually cleaning up for dinner and our western-themed murder mystery game that night. Having done one the week before, Hunter and I were fully prepared for what was to come for this one, and both agreed that we had a better understanding of how to scheme and play the game this go-round. It was so much fun to have everyone so committed to their character, and I don’t think anyone had a bad time! After the game wrapped up, we ate burgers for dinner and hung out by the fire and made s’mores. Bedtime came earlier this night after being in the sun most of the day.


Sunday morning, everyone ate breakfast and helped to clean up before getting on the road. We made it back to Birmingham around 11:30 with a pitstop at Trader Joe’s on the way in so that I could get the rest of the flowers I needed to arrange for my shoot the following day. Once I made it home, I unpacked, got the rest of what I needed for my shoot, showered, and arranged flowers while listening to an audiobook and calling my parents. Nell came over around 6:00 with sushi so that we could have a catch-up session, and after she left, I was in bed and reading. I probably fell asleep before 9:00 that night after such a fun weekend.

I hope that yall had a great week and that this one is feeling nice and short! I hope to have new posts up for y’all soon. Thank you so much for always being so loyal and patient!

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