Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Step Into My Week 3.23

Happy Tuesday! I was off from work yesterday, so I decided to take the day off from getting a blog post live. After being so on the go these past few weekends, it felt nice to have a day to regroup, and it almost felt like a Sunday at home. I’m in town this coming weekend and am already looking forward to fewer plans and some spring cleaning, including switching my closet from winter to spring! I am hoping I feel the same motivation I have now come time to actually execute that over the weekend. 

Monday morning started as it usually does, with a pretty early wakeup so that I can read in bed while drinking my coffee before I get my day going. I had a few work video calls that morning, which makes the first half of the day go by really quickly. I had lunch, continued to work, and then once my workday was finished, I went to help Amanda take photos of some of her new art. I came home after that to shower, make dinner, and watch The Bachelor with a couple of friends. I didn’t end up watching “After the Final Rose,” but from social media can get a general idea of what was said. 

I got up early again on Tuesday morning before heading into the office for a shoot for Louisiana Cookin. We moved pretty quickly through the recipes and wrapped up around lunchtime. I worked from home the rest of the day before eventually going over to Hunter’s house. We had planned to cook but still needed a few ingredients and decided to pick up something from Saw’s instead and save the cooking for Thursday. We watched a movie that night, but for the life of me at the moment I can’t remember what we watched. 

I was supposed to have a shoot again on Wednesday, but Birmingham was forecasted to have some severe weather, which got rescheduled for this week. It was nice to have an unexpected work-from-home day and was convenient given that a few friends used our house as their safe location since we have a basement. They monitored the news while Rebecca and I continued to get our work done. Later that night, we watched Yes Day on Netflix and another movie before going to bed. Fortunately, where we live, it didn’t get too bad, and we never had to take shelter. 

I woke up early on Thursday to read before going into the office for another Louisiana Cookin’ shoot. That lasted until lunchtime, when I cleaned off my styling cart at the office before heading home. On my way there, I stopped to pick up a salad from Chopt at the Summit after receiving a couple of gift cards in the mail. After eating that, I did an at-home workout before showering and finishing up some work. That night Hunter and I cooked the fish and vegetables we had planned to make on Tuesday, and I had him start The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I’ve seen all the seasons that are currently out and thought it would be a fun show to watch together, and so far, three episodes in, I think it will be fun to watch together. I went home after our third episode of the night to pack some before I went to sleep.  

Friday morning, I woke up early to shower and get ready before my first video calls of the morning, starting at 8:15. Once those had all wrapped, I was able to send out some emails and get all my work done so that I could easily leave my laptop on my desk unopened the whole weekend. Once that was wrapped up, I loaded my stuff in the car, got gas, and picked up Chick-fil-A before Hunter and I headed to Greenville, SC, for a friend’s wedding over the weekend. We progressed nicely until getting stuck in mid-day Atlanta traffic for about an hour and a half. I do not have the best attitude in traffic (especially when I’m hungry), and it was iffy whether or not we were going to get in town soon enough to make our dinner reservations. We stayed at Sophia and Judson’s house and made it there with about 10 minutes to change and head to Soby’s for dinner. Once we finished, we went to the welcome party at Larkin’s event space downtown before getting a drink with a few friends we ran into at Vault and Vader after that. I think we made it back to the house around 12:30 and were all asleep soon after.

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For Christmas, Sophia gave me a voucher for a Barre3 class to take with her while I was in town. I used to go to Barre3 when I lived in Greenville, so it was really fun for the two of us to get to do that together on Saturday morning. The class ended at 10:45, and we quickly went back to her house afterward to get the guys and head to Sully’s steamers for a late breakfast. We didn’t have plans other than the wedding for the rest of the day, so we went and grabbed a cup of coffee before heading back to Sophia and Judson’s house to hang out in the afternoon. The guys were all for that since there were basketball games on, and Sophia and I walked around her neighborhood and into a home store before coming back to get showered and ready. We made it to the church around 4:40 for the 5:00 ceremony and from there went to The Poinsett Club, where the reception was taking place. They had a cocktail hour before the bride’s father gave a toast, said a blessing, and everyone began making their way to different stations to eat. Soon after that, the band started playing, and we hit the dance floor. We only stopped when the band took their break, and the cake was being cut. By the end of the night, a lady had come up to our group saying how much fun it was to watch us all on the dance floor, but my feet weren’t thanking me by the time I took my shoes off at the end of the night. We had wanted to meet up with some other friends at Up On The Roof but ended up going home instead. 

We all slept in a little bit on Sunday before enjoying a cup of coffee and then packing up. I had been asked to take any gifts delivered to the wedding back to Birmingham and met Nell to pick those up before we could hit the road. We ultimately left Greenville around 11:15 and made it back to Birmingham close to 3:00. I unpacked and went for a walk and talked on the phone with Nell and my parents during that before showering. Hunter and I picked up dinner and watched some basketball games before leaving to go to bed early. 

I have a pretty busy week coming up before a bit more time off next week, so I’m hoping to be as productive as possible in the coming days! I hope y’all are having a good week thus far.

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