Monday, March 1, 2021

Step Into My Week 3.1

I know I say this every month, but I really cannot believe it’s already March. Usually, February feels a lot longer to me, but this year it went by relatively quickly! Unlike February and its passing rate, last week didn’t feel that way to me, and I was very excited when Friday rolled around! I haven’t been doing the best job of taking pictures the last few weeks, but I feel like that’s due in part to the fact that I haven’t done all that much aside from stick to my regular schedule. March will have plenty of routine in it, but I also have some planned weekend activities that I am really looking forward to! 

My week started at full speed since the shoot I was supposed to do when it was snowing was moved to Monday. I went into the office to iron some of the linens and finish packing up my bins of props before venturing to the location where we shot. Since it was a tablescape without any food, we were able to finish around 2:30, which gave me time to get additional computer work done at home that day. Eventually, Nell and I went on a walk around the Birmingham Botanical Gardens before eating sushi and watching The Bachelor with a few of our friends. 

I was up early again on Tuesday since I needed to pull props for my shoot that day before we got started. Since my assigned shoot was for a cover, I didn’t have to grab too many things but did have to spend the whole day looking at banana pudding which I didn’t love since I hate bananas. Our shoot wrapped in the late afternoon, and I came home tired and relaxed on my bed until I went over to Hunter’s house to make dinner. We seared tuna steaks and ate them with vegetables before watching the second Sherlock Holmes movie. I think I made it all of 20 minutes into the movie before I was asleep. Once the movie was over, I left and went to bed. 


Initially, I had planned to go to a true40 class on Wednesday morning, but my throat was feeling sore, so I decided against that and mainly worked from home. I was able to order in all of my props for an upcoming spring tablescape which felt like a relief since I wanted to get it done sooner rather than later. Later that night, Nell had the idea of picking up pizza and setting up our own picnic at a park since the weather had been so lovely. After we finished eating, I went to her apartment for a bit before going home and getting in bed early.

My throat was still bothering me on Thursday, but since I had a shoot, I took some Dayquil (which helped) and powered through. We moved pretty quickly through our shoot that day and finished a little after 1:00, which gave me time to get some things organized at my desk. I worked from home the rest of the afternoon before Hunter, and I picked up chips and salsa to take to Macy and Drew’s house that night for dinner. We made vegetable quesadillas and margaritas that night, which turned out well. 

Friday morning, I slept in a little bit since work doesn’t start until 8:00. I was able to work from home that day since I didn’t have a shoot and babysat for a coworker mid-day. In the afternoon, I took a much-needed nap, given that I had been so tired all week. For dinner, Hunter and I got takeout from Saw’s before heading to a friend’s house for a small murder mystery party to celebrate her 25th birthday. I was so impressed with how in-costume and in-character everyone got. Hunter ended up being the murderer and was very pleased that he was able to divert suspicion to another character. 

I didn’t have many plans for Saturday other than to play tennis with Hunter, Macy, and Drew, which we did in the afternoon. After playing for about an hour and a half, we all went our separate ways to shower and get ready before meeting back up at Dread River Distillery for a drink. We tried to come up with dinner plans while there and settles on eating outside at Carrigan’s downtown location. I was a fan of that idea since they have my favorite Caesar salad in Birmingham. After finishing up dinner, we went over to Macy and Drew’s to make some cocktails and play quite a few rounds of Mexican Train.

I slept in on Sunday morning and finally felt back to normal without my throat hurting when I swallowed. Given that the weather felt springy, I had an urge to do some spring cleaning and wound up with four trash bags worth of items to donate and two big bins of things to figure out how to sell or consign. I took a break from doing that by going on a long walk, during which I talked on the phone with my parents and continued to listen to an audiobook. Once I was back home, I showered and continued to do some organizing before making dinner and watching a bit of TV. I was in bed by 8:00 and, after reading for a bit, fell asleep.

I hope that y’all had a nice week!  

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