Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Interior Design Inspiration (Living Room)

 After putting away my Christmas decorations last week, my house felt somewhat refreshed since some of the visual clutter of holiday décor was safely packed away. While I am sad to see it gone, I’ve loved how clean it feels, and it nearly makes me feel like my space got an update. Well, given the fact that most of the furniture and decorations I have in both our living room and my bedroom are from my first apartment after college, it’s safe to say that no such update was actually made (but thank you, brain, for tricking me into thinking one was). 

When my roommate and I move in May, we have no intention of re-decorating but, sometimes it’s really fun to imagine what I would do in a new space (and a budget for the updates). I’ve loved Pinterest for a long time and at one point over the years created a board specifically dedicated to items I’d be interested in when the time comes to someday re-decorate (because I know at some point our pink and orange living room rug isn’t going to be super well-received). At one point during my holiday break, I started wondering what those items would actually look like put together, which is how the idea of this blog post began. I added a few items I already have and love into the image because, in my mind, there’s no reason to start from scratch if you have items you can make work in a certain space. 

I’ve been drawn to blues and greens a lot lately, which is definitely represented here. I wouldn’t necessarily use all these items in the same space, but once I started creating this inspiration board, I kept finding things I liked and wanted to share with y’all. Since this is all for hypothetically decorating a space there are items that span a variety of budgets although I did for the most part attempt to keep things more afforadbable. Most of the items are clickable in the image below, but the sofa, curtains, and pretty blue and green throw pillow at the very top of the image will have to be shopped by clicking on the links. 


  1. I love how you took the opportunity to refresh your space after putting away your Christmas decorations. It's amazing how simply decluttering and organizing can make a room feel new and revitalized. Your idea of imagining how you would decorate a new space is a wonderful way to explore your design preferences and create a vision for the future. I appreciate that you provided a range of budget-friendly options in your inspiration board. It shows that creating a beautiful and stylish space doesn't always have to break the bank. By including clickable links, you make it easy for readers to explore and shop for the items they're interested in. For more details, visit modular kitchen Chennai

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